Masterdon Committee

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Pebbly Poo
Gangster G
Keith KC
Boo Ski
Johnny D

This group hailed from 147th street in Harlem, New York in the mid 70’s.

They made a single on Enjoy records called “Funkbox Party” in 1983. That single was a hit in New York all winter.

Other records on Enjoy in 1983-4 were “We’re gonna get you hot” and “Music Gram”.

It was later remade by Master P where the hook was “Make them say ughh”. I doubt Master P has given Masterdon any credit for the hit. Masterdon followed up the single in 1984 with “Funkbox Party II” (on Profile) which wasn’t as successful as the first single.

Female member of the crew Pebblee Poo also had a solo hit on profile in 1985 called “Fly Guy”. This was an answer record to the Boogie Boys “Fly Girl”.

“Get Off My Tip” was released in 1985 on Profile records without Gangster B and produced by Duke Bootee.

Masterdon recorded a solo joint in 1985 on Enjoy Records called “Pay The Cost To Be The Boss”.  He was the rapper and musician on the track.

All of their other records were produced by Pumpkin and Bobby Robinson

The Death Committee was one of the first truly diverse groups incorporating the Latin and female rappers.

Although I don’t know the details, I hear Masterdon passed on in the early 90’s.

Check out “Funkbox Party”

Info submitted by Dagod9 and Kid Delight and Mr Ed and Kieran M.

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  1. Would like to purchase both versions of funkbox on CD

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