The Bronx Boys

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Originally formed as a graffiti crew in 1975 by Batch, Shark, and Cash, The Bronx Boys were true pioneers of the art of break dancing.  They spent much of their time with graffiti and up rocking.  When one of the members hit the ground in a new routine, up rocking began to change into break dancing.

The TBB Crew spread throughout the Bronx and hooked up with Afrika Bambaataa when he was trying to organize protection for party goers in the parks.

Upon breaking up in 1979, several of the members became part of a new developing group… The Rock Steady Crew.

Information submitted by Batch

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Author: JohnG

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  1. Y’all gotta talk to the original Bronx Boys before you start posting! People distort our history and you got it twisted too. Turn to the originators of the crew and you’ll know what really went on. Peace

  2. Hi to the creator of this thread, it is innacurate and un-true, TBB was not ‘spawned of starchild’- pls do ask Aby himself for correct information, of mail me and i will pass your questions, he is very open to passing the accurate facts and a very wonderful person, so please dont hesitate to send him questions if you have his male arleady, or please send it to me i will forward it to him as we are family.. thank you sir.. bboy Strech

  3. Thanks for commenting. Just send me an updated profile and I’ll be glad to make any necessary changes.

  4. yeah this is way off its soundz like sum rap headz wrote about this

  5. @Pluto 7even

    Since the original comment, I’ve amended the entire biography based on information I’ve received from Batch himself. If you think there is still incorrect information, please send me your sources and I’ll be glad to reevaluate it.

  6. This is,bs tbb was not the first to break dance no way they started as a graffiti group. N may i add
    Also did ilegal things thats why batch ended in jail at an.early age they werent dancing
    For us who really knew what was behind tbb n it was not dancing

  7. Maribel you must be ignorant. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but this is the dumbest I have ever heard. I want you to name any particular old school crew that was not doing something illegal. Please get your facts straight. This was the Bronx life obvious you did not live it by the way you talk. Oh by the way you were right about one thing TBB was not a dance crew it was a Rocking Crew. Get the terminology straight.

  8. I hate to read ignorant comments. Everyone in life deserves a second chance. That was the past now this is the present. We want to do positive thing for out kids and community. If you want to Judge join the court system. STUDTBB CREW

  9. I knew Batch and Abby and yes Maribel we were all involved in things that were not very legal during our old teenage years in the Bronx but they were primarily a breakdance crew. Although I also made many mistakes and yes went to prison I eventually got my record sealed, went to law school and a now a successful attorney. Lets be real many of us were products of out environments but eventually got it right. Those who didn’t are either dead or in prison. Batch and Abby were very good friends of mine and good people in their core. Look what they eventually did with the Bronx Boys (TBB) Never been in a crew or gang but hung out with many from the Savage Skulls to the 12 o’clock crew. Many succeeded out of the South Bronx others didn’t. Thats life. My regards to Abby and Batch. Santana 183rd.

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