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Old School Bootlegs

This is a list from Troy Smith. It’s ridiculously long, but completely amazing.

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1-Fantastic five, Caz, Busy Bee, Whiz kid, Treacherous three, Spoonie Gee @ T-connection 1981 60min. (note: Dotta rock does a rhyme about things that are “like”. Dotta Rock opens to headhunters and then passes off to the treach three and then they pass off to Spoonie Gee.)
2-Treacherous three side a Club Negrils 82 –Bambaataa, Jazzy J, Cosmic force, soul sonic force at the T-Connection 80 (note: Treach 3 doing routines with two mics Sunshine rocking with out a mic.) 90min.
3-Crash crew, Soul sonic force cosmic force Whiz kid T-Connection 1980 90min. (Crash crew open up doing routines off 8th wonder and bounce rock skate. Then they do their famous record. Pow wow does a nursery Rhyme.)
4-Fantastic five, Cold crush 4, Soul sonic force, Bam, Whiz kid T. Connection 1981 60min.
(Note: Bam is playing a plate with Flash on the beat box and they kill it, Dotta-Rock saying a rhyme about an Amazon, Caz, JDL, K Gee testing the mics to some dope cuts check tape 66 for the rest of the CC4 show.)
5-Busy bee, Kevin Kev, Dotta Rock, Grand master Caz, D.J. A.J. Theodore, Audubon 1981 60min. (The tape start with Waterbed kev rocking off of catch a groove and changing words to songs like it’s the joint and sugar hill 8th wonder on the other side kev, busy bee and Caz rock the house together.)

6-Treacherous three 2nd Anniversaries, Cold crush 4 Harlem world 1982 90min.
(Note: treach three ask the furious five for a battle, Caz disses a heckler in the crowd with a rhyme just for hecklers, caz also does a rhyme about getting caught in the bed with a girl name Yvette.)
7-Cold crush four, Imperial Brothers Hoe ave. boys’ club-1981 60min.
(Note: J.D.L. said a girl in the crowd is sewing her draws because she said “so” to Caz announcement.)
8-Cold crush 4, Disco enforcers-T-Connection-1979 60min. (note: JDL opens up to sequence record. side B opens to 8th wonder with the crew doing a routine and the crew is rocking to freedom. Caz does a Rhyme about being somebody’s father Caz also rhymes to another one bites the dust saying he caught j.d.l. and k.g. smoking dust.
9-Rappers convention –Fantastic five, Crash crew, Force M.C.s, Cold crush 4, L.A. Sunshine-Harlem world 82 90min. (Crash crew doing a lot of talking before they start rocking especially about the mic Dougie Fresh was using. They do high powered rap and there second album live and they rock them. Force m.c.s rock the beatbox, Stevie Dee’s uncle Jessie opens for the force by clowning around. Cold Crush starts with Caz doing a routine from a Richard Pryor album, by stating “the white man own the place he just frontin your black ass off. And J.D.L. is no longer with his ex girl Yvonne Baker. It’s D.J. A.J. and his sister Pam’s birthday. ).
10-Ecstacy Garage all stars -Caz, JDL, Whippier whip, K-Gee, Ruby Dee, Theodore, Soul sonic force, Nice and Nasty four- Ecstasy garage disco 1980 90min. (JDL is rhyming off of 8th wonder and there all freestyle.)
11-Funk Machine-Caz, Donald dee, Kid vicious, Pow wow, M.C. Globe, Afrika Islam, Fantastic five at 118 Park 60min.
(Note: the funk machine is doing work especially Caz, the side with fantastic is distorted but gets better. I don’t know the date.)
12-Charlie chase, Furious five at the Forrest projects 1980- Mercedes ladies inner city disco 1980 60min. (note: Mellie Mel opening with a echo chamber to good times.)
13-Busy bee +Kool D.J. A.J., Fantastic five, Cold crush four- T-Connection 1982 60min. (Busy Bee opens up to freedom and giving out shout outs to high schools, him Caz and JDL rocking hut and on. B-side Caz rocking to big beat.
14- Cold crush four Battle the Fantastic five –Harlem world 1981 60min.(note: from the very beginning when Caz comes on with a bullhorn tells the fantastic to come out with there hands up to the very end when they are judge by the audience.)
15-Crash crew, Cold crush 4, Mean machine, Spoonie Gee. Harlem World and Connecticut 60min. (note: This is the Whole show of the Crash Crew they are doing routines and all of their popular records at that time. Caz screams on a heckler in the crowd and says his man Roy Thomas is in the hospital with the herpes and when he gets out “he will be walking like he has a potato chip in his ass and he don’t want to break it”. Mean Machine perform there popular song as well as do there routines.)
16-Fantastic five, Cold crush 4, Treach 3- Harlem world 1982
(Note: A.D.s birthday, and Fantastic doing routines pertaining to Christmas) 60min.
17-Cold crush 4, Cadet head Quarters 1983- Cold crush 4, T-skiValley-Harlem world 1981
(Note: cc4 do a routine off the record war.)
18-Fearless four, Cold crush four – Harlem world 1982 60min.
(Note: caz-cracking jokes about fags, coke and herpes. Peso is singing on one of the routines.)
19-Cold crush 4- ecstasy garage 1980 (note: Caz and J.D.L. start to “another one bites the dust” later Caz does a rhyme about being someone’s father as well as other rhymes. J.D.L. does one about a hotel room and K.G. does a short one about being a private eye. A.D. shows up later and they do a short set of routines. After there show Greg Ski comes on to D.J. and of course Caz is snapping on someone’s uncle Mary. 90min.
20-Battle- Kool Moe Dee, Busy Bee, Johnny Wa Wa, Force M.C.s Cold crush four 60min. Harlem world 1981 (note: this is the classic battle from beginning to almost the end. All of Moe Dee’s part is there.)
21-Furious four and Flash –Audubon ballroom 1978 and Jackson projects 78
(Note: this is before Raheim became a part of the crew, also Flash is cutting a lot of records sounds also like he is cutting a record backwards (Space funk).) 60min.
22-Flash and Furious Five, Jazzy J, JDL, A.D., K-Gee (note: this is the party where the furious five did the original recording for Bam’s plate. Bx. River) 60min.
23-Funky 4+1, Raheim, Cowboy, Ruby Dee, Bambaataa, Ikey cee and Lil Dave -T-Connection 1980 90min.(Note: supposedly shootout at the party. Rodney Cee does a rhyme about bonnie and clyde chillin in his ride he also does a rhyme about his birthday. By the way its Jazzy Jeff birthday. )
24-D.J. Breakout, D.J. Barren, Funky4+1, D.J. Whiz Kid, Harmonizing 4- at the T-Connection 1980 60min.
25- Grand master Flash Furious Five, D.J. Sinbad, Kool Kyle, M.C. Jimmy Dee- T-Connection 1979 (note: starts off with Mellie Mel rocking off of catch a groove and then he rocks off of the claps jam.) 90min.
26-Cold Crush 4, Kurtis Blow-D.J. Davey Dee –Skate palace New Years Eve 1983(note: Kurtis Blow Does his song daydreaming along with his routines. All the Cold Crush is there and there all on point doing there famous routines A.D. for moment speaks about him not using drugs.) 90min.
27-Cold crush 4, Force m.c.s, Busy Bee-Printing H.S.—Cold Crush 4, Zulu Nation-T-Connection 1982(Note: Busy Bee is only on for a short time, Jazzy 5 do there thing with some good routines and play the beat box for a minute. The force M.C.s start out singing a song and then they do there thing with routines off F-troop, Gilligans Island, Brady bunch the Adams family and I love to teach the world to sing also rock the beat box. The Cold crush don’t complete there session cause it then goes into another party with the Cold Crush but now there at the T-Connection and J.D.L. is rockin his hut and Jazzy J is cutting. 90min.
28-Fantastic five, Cold Crush 4 -Savoy, no date (Dotta Rock does his rhyme about having a child and why you shouldn’t be gay, Caz cracking jokes, the four do a routine off let it whip.) 60min.
29-Cold Crush4, D.J. Jazzy Jay- Connecticut Roller skating rink 1982 (Note: Cold Crush do there routines on the other side Jazzy J is mixing records before the Crush come on.) 60min.
30-6th Zulu Nation Anniversary part 2-Bambaataa, Jazzy Jay, Jazzy five m.c.s, Cold Crush 4, Lil Ikey C (Note: Master Dee sounds good singing with the group, J.D.L does a rhyme naming Yvonne Baker as his girl, A.D. comes late. Some trouble breaks out Ikey Cee has to get on the mic to reprimand the crowd through the echo chamber.)60min. T-Connection 1981
31-Grand Master Caz birth party at the new Fever.1992 (note: L.A. Sunshine standing in for J.D.L. Mellie Mel, Big Daddy Kane, Whipper Whip, Kevin kev, Starsky 90min.
32-Busy Bee, Master Don and the death committee, and the cold crush brothers, as well as L.A. Sunshine. Harlem World 1982 90min.(Busy Bee rocking and he didn’t know till the last minute and Master Don and the crew tear it up.)
33-Treacherous 3 in Bermuda 1984 side A D.J. Hollywood at Harlem world 1982 side B (Note: The Treach do there records Body Rock, At the Party, Whip it, We’ll turn you on, Action, Get up, Feel the Heartbeat and a Jackson 5 routine then they freestyle off of the record sucker M.C. the breakers in attendance are Fastbreak and Mr. Wiggles. Side B Hollywood starts mixing and rocking to numbers and super freak he does “well” routine and his chorus in the back ground of m.c. Artie Art and Disco Romeo and sounds like there might be others. This is a Andre Harrell production- 90min.
34-JDL, Almighty KG, Ruby Dee, Hi-C, Theodore, D.J. Magic Mike, Quinny Queen. Location unknown 60min.
35-Cold Crush4, Whiz Kid, Touch of class disco, Debbie Dee, Wanda Dee, Lil Dave. Stardust Ballroom 90min.
(note: Toney Tone opens up for the Crush By asking security to move the crowd back. Whiz Kid on the beat box)
36-Theodore, Bambaataa, Rocksteady-danceateria 120min.
37-Flash and the furious5, Kool Kyle, D.j. Sinbad T- Connection 1979
(note: Raheim starts off rocking to Johnny the fox. Cowboy comes behind and is rocking off of the bells, later FLASH is cutting “listen to the base man” and the crowd is loving it also he gets on the beat box and the do their routine and its Kool Kyle’s birthday and he is singing off of got to be real and Mel is saying some dope rhymes to the record groove to get down. This is a really good party they all rock.)60min.
38-Cosmic Force, Soulsonic Force, Jazzy Jay, at Amityville Long Island side A(note: Bam rocks the beat box.)
Pow wow, Raheim, Lisa Lee, Ice Ice, Sundance, Africa Islam, Jazzy Jay etc. side B outside jam (note: Pow Wow makes a shout out to crazy phil Lisa Lee does her thing like I never heard before. They all rock the echo chamber.) 60min.
39-Flash and the Furious5, 1980 location unknown (note: this the only routine I ever heard on there tapes other then them doing there records and it’s the “till the break of dawn” routine.) 60min.

40-Harlem World M.C. throw down 1982-T-Ski Valley (note: he not only does his record catch the beat, he also does other routines that are pretty good.) also Spoonie Gee, Busy Bee, Force M.C., Fantastic Five, Cold Crush four. (Note: the quality of the sound is not the best, but with the EQ. It sounds fine.)
41-Cold Crush Four, Treacherous Three -Hoe ave. Boys club 1982 (note: D.L.B. stands in for Kool Moe Dee and Caz does a new rhyme and Tony Tone’s mother is there as well as associates of the movie Wild style.)-60min.
43-Side A the Cold Crush 4 and Busy Bee Harlem World 1981 (note: Caz, J.DL and Busy Bee rocking Hut together. Caz says “to all the virgins in the house, thanks for nothing”.)
Side B Flash and Kurtis Blow 1979 unknown location, on that same side Zulu nation Long Island with Mr. Big, Hutch Hutch, and Pow wow and he is doing a rhyme about buffalo bill -date unknown. -60min
44-Flash and the Furious five T-Connection 1980 (note: Cowboy opens up to Got to be real and he is using an echo chamber.) side B Force M.C. Broadway international 1983 (note: Bee Fats is cutting after the force finishes.)-90min
45-Flash and the Furious (note: Five Mellie Mel opening up for the crew with cowboy following off of breaking bells and playing other records such as head hunters, Johnny the fox and rocket in the pocket.) Fantastic five. 1980 T-connection. -60min
46-Boat ride coming from Bear Mountain. Cold Crush four, Treacherous Three (note: this party they are coming back from bear mountain and Caz says they are getting there $5.50 worth, Caz and JDL rocking Hut. Check tape 124 for them going to Bear Mountain. I finally found it!)-90min
47-side A the Incredible 3. M.C.s Tech Ski, Destiny, Chucky Chuck and D.J. Lil Chase. (Note: no location or date and it appear to be three different shows by them.) Side B Funky Four + 1(note: KK Rockwell starts by saying “he likes to do his thing” off the record got to be real and the other m.c.s one by one say the same thing one by one then they go in to routines. There is no date or location safe to assume 79.)
48-side A Treacherous three at? (Note: This is a nice clear tape and the party is cool.) Side B Kool Moe Dee in concert at Greenville South Carolina 1987 (note: Moe dee is doing his records wild wild west, how you like me now etc, also speaks about the feud between him and LL cool J at the Apollo.)-90min
49-Cold Crush 4, Funky 4+1 Halloween T-connection 1981 (note: Caz and JDL are doing there notorious two routine as well as there others with A.D. and K.G. Caz also says its not as pack as the night before when they were at south Bx. High school and the funky four are doing a lot of shout outs to the fantastic and cold crush as well as Busy Bee and then they do a few routines and some nice free style.)-60min
50-Dougie Fresh and Kid West, and others at different parties. And a home recording. Busy Bee and Rock steady in Tokyo 1983 and 198? -90min
51-Cold Crush4, Fantastic 5, Boogie boys T-Connection 1980- 90min
52-Funky Four T-Connection they are using an echo chamber. Master don death committee at PattersonN.J.(note: they sing a routine from a Gladys Knight song. And do their famous song funk box. 90min.
53-Black History month-Cold Crush D.ST Infinity rappers, Debbie Dee, Jazzy 5 Jazzy Jay, Magical five, Busy Bee Location and Date unknown 90min. (note: this tape Caz dedicates the next routine to the most supt. Up niggers that charge $7 and don’t do a show, D.ST I believe is using a synthesizer, the jazzy five music went out cause somebody step on the cord and their was a fight.)
54-Force M.C.s BATTLE Cold Crush 4 PattersonN.J. 60min. (note: This tape was cleaned up by my man Dagod9 only flaw it’s a bit slow in the very beginning but after that its dynamite. The force put on an excellent show but the Cold Crush, from the words of Caz, never went there to battle, in fact the Force wasn’t there when the Cold Crush was on stage, the Force was coming in when the Cold Crush was leaving. And if you listen close the Cold Crush never makes reference to the Force. But it still was a good show.)
55-Dougie Fresh Battles Master Don and the death committee on side A, Side B Dougie Fresh and the get fresh crew as well as the Tranquilizing three 60min. (note: Dougies human beat box battles Barry Bee’s turntables. Also Barry Bee battles DJ Smalls. Master Don cuts with sneakers on his hands. And Master Dons M.C.s battle Doug saying he wears Corduroys in the summer but the tape doesn’t have Doug battling them back.)
56-L-brothers BATTLE Herculoids 1978 Side A, Side B L-brothers and the Zulu Nation T-connection 1979 90min. (note: Side A sounds pretty scratchy needs work. Side B is the bomb, Theodore cuts super sperm better then any body in this world.)
57- Live Convention- L-brothers, Treach 3, Busy Bee, Mellie Mel, Flash, Theodore, E-man, Smiley. (Note: This is an amazing tape because this is were the 81, 82 convention albums were made from. its not the best quality tape, in fact I had to fill in some parts from the albums because it sounded so bad from hissing, but you can tell very easily that those albums were taken from this tape, and its really from 1980 and they are rocking at the celebrity club and it’s Smiley’s birthday!)90min
58-Zulu Nation: Hutch Hutch, Mr. Big, Pow Wow, Sundance, Africa Islam. Bronx river center 1979 90min. (Note: One of the many jams they rock is “toys in the attic”.)
59-Zulu Nation: DJ Jazzy Jay, DJ Robbie Rob, M.C. Globe, Lil Ikey C, Pow wow, Mr. Biggs. T-Connection 1980 60min. (Note: second record Bam cuts is Hut and later on “1,2,3,4 hit” it as well as “that’s the joint” and bustin loose and the telephone jam, in that order.)
60-Zulu Nation: Charlie Rock, Bam, Red Alert, Whiz kid, Bill Blast, Pow wow, M.C. Globe. T-Connection 1980 60min. (note: a little static, they rock a lot of songs such as love and effect ion, Numbers, “Can I shine yawl shoes”, Funky penguin, big beat and others.)

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