Live Old School Hip Hop Recordings

More Live Old School Hip Hop Recordings

61-Grand master Flash mix (note: Flash cutting such records as Children growing, Toys in the attic, the honey drippers, Corzon, Dance to the drummers beat etc.)
62-Grand master Caz Break beats (note: Caz cutting such records as jimmy castors “its just begun”, Rock creek park, the Mexican, Frisco disco, Keep your distance, Mary Mary etc.) 90min.
63-DJ Hollywood, Eddie Cheeba, Starsky, DJ Divine, Flash, Mellie Mel and Kurtis Blow-Jamaica Queens Armory 1979 (note: this is a good party and a fine tape of sound, it was well preserved. And some of the m.c.s make reference to the sugar hill gang in a negative way, also Flash rocks the beat box.) 90min.
64-Side A-Treacherous three and T La Rock at Hempstead L.I. 1984 (note: This side of the tape the Treach are truly rocking and T La Rock does his cut “It’s yours” the quality is real good no hissing what so ever only problem it’s only coming out of one speaker so I am working on trying to get it to come out of the other side.) Side B- Treacherous three 1st. Anniversary, DJ Starsky, Spoonie Gee and Busy Bee 1981 Harlem world (note: the party is dope but the quality gets kind of bad when the tape gets to the treach starting there show. Busy bee sounds real good at the end rocking off heartbeat but he goes off too soon, but I enjoyed the show.)90min.
65- Fantastic five T- Connection 1980 (note: This sounds like two different party’s the first they make reference to it being Cool Herc and Bambaataa’s birthday and the other makes reference to Mr. Magic in the house.) 60min.
66-Dotta Rock’s birthday party, the second half.1980 T-Connection (note: this is the second half of the party, I am looking for the first half. Also Fantastic announces they were going to battle the Crash crew the next night.) Side b, This is the end of tape 4. The CC4 do there routines and Wiz kid is cutting in the place of Charlie Chase. Caz also Sings off of “ain’t no stopping us now”. 90mins
67-Fantastic five first anniversary at Harlem world 1981 (note: this is a radio facing the speaker tape and this is one of there better shows only problem like always it seems they have mic problems, this is a dam good show they put on there is a lot of crowd participation. any body got the straight to tape show please hit me with it. Also the Harlem world crew rocks in between Some hissing but better then I thought) 90min.
68-Busy Bee, Fearless four, Devastating 3, Sweet G. Queens (note: Darrell C is cutting for Busy Bee and Busy is a funny brother before he starts rocking talking about he lives across from abandon buildings in the Bronx also its his birthday. anybody got the straight to tape show.) 90min.
69-Mean Gene, Theodore 3rd ave. Ballroom 1977 (note: although this is a radio to speaker tape you would never know until the m.c. comes on. Theodore and his brother are cutting a lot of good records.) 90min
70-Dr.Jeckyl and Mr. Hyde unknown location possibly 1979 side A Flash supposedly The Disco Fever 1984 side B (note: both sides sound kind of scratchy and hissing, the Jeckyl side which they open up to toys in the attic and Ronnie green is the D.J. and Flash starts with his Jam “it was a party night”.)
71-Busy Bee 1st. Anniversary, Furious 5, Cold Crush brothers, P.A.L 1981(note: Charlie Chase is there cutting for busy bee. flash not there for the Furious five so all they are doing is passing the mic. JDL is not there for the Cold crush which is kool cause Caz holds it down, doing his rhymes plus his song off of “ain’t no stopping us” record.) 90min.
72-Busy Bee, Cold crush 4, Fantastic five, 81 T-Connection (Note: Busy Bee starts off to Freedom and then says sneak preview as he starts to rock to funky president then JDL starts rocking with busy and Caz gets on with them to Hut, also rocking “On” as well as Mary Mary.) 90min.
73-Master Don and the Death Committee, Force m.c.s, Dougie Fresh and the Crash crew. 83 Savoymanor(note: Master Don and the crew do work in this show. Not only do they do routine off of Gladys knight theme they also do one off of Sly and the family stone as well as others and Don rocks the beat box. Dougie Fresh does his thing, also disses Busy Bee in a rhyme. The Force tries to rock with out there D.J. and the Crash crew time on, unfortunately is finish before there act is done because somebody starts shooting.) 90min.
74- Cold Crush4 and Dougie Fresh at the Shirley arena in Long Island 1984 (note: K.G. starts off rocking to “Billie jean”, they are mostly saying new rhymes. Caz does a rhyme about sexing a girl and about being an M.C. GOD. K.G. mic was having a problem. Dougie Fresh opens up to “what people do for money”. He battles His D.J. Chill Will Human beat box battles the D.J. He has a lot of fan participation.) 2nd party which is only a quarter of the tape has Dougie Fresh and Crazy Eddie are rocking in Manhattan Ville projects and along came Silver Fox who did his thing 1982.60min.
75-Dougie Fresh, Tito of the Fearless four, Kid west, Magic Dee House tape 1984 (note: I would have to say that Kid west rocked this tape then Tito and then Doug. Magic Dee also made his presence felt.) Not a full 60min.
76-This is three different party’s on this one tape that are BLAZING Side A has Flash, Kurtis Blow, Disco Four at Randys Place 1982 (note: It sounds as if there is fight at the end cause the M.C. keeps saying please get off the tables and calm down.) On that same side another party with an unknown location it’s the Treacherous 3 along with Spoonie Gee and Moe Dee makes reference to the up coming battle between them and Furious five. It appears obvious that this battle was already negotiated, but as history shows it never happened. I asked L.A. once why did they never battle, he said the furious just kept on ducking them. Side B Johnny Wa, Rayvon, Kool Kyle, Treacherous 3 at P.A.L. in Harlem 1981 (Johnny Wa and Rayvon do a fantastic show it almost sounds like Rayvon is doing D.J. Hollywood’s style.)60min.
77-Funky 4+1 and the Zulu nation 1981 123 park (note: there is about to be two different fights at this party. Africa Islam and Jazzy Jay are cutting and it is Breakouts birthday. They also rock Flash is on the beat box plate.) 60min.
78-Funky 4+1 at the T-Connection 1981 (note: the crew is doing work, but Rodney Cee steals the show doing rhymes about his sons a girl name melody and smoking dust and other rhymes.) 60min.
79-Lisa Lee, Rahiem, Pow wow outside jam (note: Lisa Lee kills it on this party like I never heard her it is worth listening to.)
Funky 4+1 1980 T-Connection (note: the crew is rocking off the echo chamber. Keith Keith does a rhyme with the gilligans island melody and Rodney cee does a rhyme about how the crew got together.) 60min.
80-Whipper whip, Dotta rock, Frankie Rowe, Bill blast, Jerry Dee, Warlock 5 1980 T. Connection (note: they are mostly passing the mic around, the Warlock 5 show is not complete.)
Wiz kid, D.J. Lady love, Bambaataa M.C. Globe 1981 T. Connection (note: the D.J.s are just cutting a lot of records half are cool out records and it feels like every body is laid back.)90min.
81-Fantastic 5, Touch of class disco 1980 T. Connection (note: this is mostly Touch of class disco party but only Apollo one and Terry Tee were able to perform.) 60min.
82-Brothers 4, Pernelleo, pernelleo’s little brother, Bam boo crew, Master don and the def committee, Mafia family, Fearless four, Mr. Bond, D.J. Mr. Freeze, Elmo, Dollar Bill. 1980 Terrace ballroom (note: this is a contest and one of the judges is L.A. Sunshine. I am not happy with this tape cause I cannot tell if this tape sounds scratchy or gravely cause of D.J. equipment or cause of the systems that were recording this after the show. I would give the trophy to Master don and the crew.) 60min.
83-Zulu Kings: Grand Master Caz, Mellie Mel, Busy Bee, Bronx style Bob. Also Ice Tee, Donald Dee, Lil Steve and female m.c. Star lite. 1986 at Prospect theater. (note: The Zulu Kings do there thing, especially when they do there routine about marijuana laced with crack, which are called woolers. They use the record called rumors by I believe the group timex social club. The show is pretty good. One thing that has not change they are insulting the hell out of hecklers. Ice Tee makes reference to the infamous Larry Davis being caught by the cops the night before and so Ice Tee tells the crowd he had his bail and the crowd loved it. Also there is a third of a show from the zodiac club on there, pretty much the same thing.)90min.
84-Zulu 16th Anniversary-Lord Finesse, Jungle Brothers, B.D.P. KRS1, Dougie Fresh and Jazzy Jay cutting for him. 1990 at Bronx river. (note: KRS1 and Doug put on a hell of a show, Finesse and jungle put on a good show also.)90min.
85-Kid Capri, Star Child , Busy Bee, Cowboy. 1988 at the Roof Top. (note: Cowboy in the house for one side doing his thing. a very interestingly funny tape.) 90min.
86-Brucie Bee, Busy Bee. 1988 at the Roof Top. (note: Busy Bee is a very funny brother here and the party is rockin.) 90min.
87-Kid Capri. 1988 at the Roof Top. 90min.
88- Love Bug Starsky. 1992 at the Roof Top. 90min. (note there are thousands of these tapes. I remember it was 86 or 87 my man Big Bub said this brother Kid Capri of the Roof Top uptown 155st was selling tapes of the party’s he was, for $10 and right away all the fellas were jumping on it and the rest is history. Cause to me that’s were all these mix tapes of today started from, Kid Capri and Brucie Bee as well as Kool Kyle the Star Child. These tapes were the thing back then. Although Capri was banging I liked Brucie Bee better I guest cause he had the chill voice with the lil echo. Yo the best thing I can tell you, if you are interested in more of these type of tapes, Check my man Rock of “Rock and Will” his store is at 23west 125th st. in back of the jewelry counter. between Lenox and 5th or call him at 1-212-534-2056.
89-Grand Master Caz, K.G., Donald Dee, Ikey Cee and the Force m.c.s with Jazzy Jay cutting for them. 1983 at Bronx river. (note: Caz and K.G. cut off too soon, and Jazzy Jay is cutting real good for the Force m.c.s, especially when he cuts “catch the beat”. Ikey Cee is also on this tape.)90min.
90-Kid Vicious, Donald Dee, Soulsonic Force, Afrika Islam, D.J. Superman. 1979 at the Renaissance and bx.river. (note: it starts to Mardi gras and they are using the echo chamber. Master Ice does a rhyme about “chuck a luck, black jack, five card charlie and cee low.)90min.
91-Mr. Hyde, Mr. Bond, Star Child, D.J. Ronnie Green, D.J. Artie Art. 1977 or 78 at the Foster center. (Note: D.J. Artie Art is doing some great as well as Ronnie Green. I am not sure that’s the same Kool Kyle the Star Child, if it is he might not have reached puberty yet. He does rhymes pertaining to cartoon characters. Other then that they are playing some beautiful records such as Toys in the attic, Groove to get down, dance to drummers beat and others and they are using an echo chamber.)
92-Harlem world crew- Son of Sam, Charlie Rock, D.J. Randy, D.J Tastic, 1982 outside Jam in the area of The Valley and Section 5 of the Bx. (note: First the Harlem World crew come on and they do there thing, I like there style I hope to get more tapes of them. The Mean Machine (Butch Kid, Julio, Slick Rick and Jimmy Mac) come on last and they get booed terribly and told collectively by the crowd to go home even after Jimmy Mac does a rendition of Michael Jackson’s song. In between these two groups is a contest between such groups as the Ultimate 4, Famous M.C.s, Casanova 4 and the Hypnotizing 5. The Famous M.C.s won. Also Rasta Kid got on the mic for a minute.)
93-Cold Crush 4- Record release party 1983 Danceteria (Note: The Cold Crush release there record “The Heartbreakers”. In this show L.A. Starts the Four off the record by Prince “Lets go crazy” and they start to rock there records “weekend”, “Punk rock rap” which J.D.L. rocks, “the Heartbreakers” and “Fresh, Fly, Wild and Bold and do some of there routines. The whole show is not recorded but at least 45 minutes is in. I fill it up with a show with J.D.L., K.G. and A.D. at another location.)60min.
94- Tito and Paso of the Fearless 4, House party no date (Note: This is a house joint and the D.J. is Grand Master C.O.P. They start rocking to the actual record they used to “Rocking It” They do a routine to the record “Dog a donut”. D.J. Charlie Rock comes on for a minute. Tito does a rhyme getting stuck up and Paso does one about sexing his teacher they rhyme together on meeting the president Jimmy Carter and rocking at the white house.) Side B Devastating 3 D.J. Barry Bee at Barry’s mother house July 5th 1983 (note: This is supposedly there last time rocking together, Kid West is going off to college. Doug Fresh comes on the very beginning for like an intro then the 3 do a routine from earth wind and fire and others and free style.)90min.
95-Whiz Kid, Ramsey Rams, D.J. Elroy, m.c. Spanky, Lil Dave at the T-Connection 1981 (note: This is a Kool Herc production. Whiz Kid fresh coming off winning a D.J. battle a week earlier, passes on to another D.J. who thinks he can do better, and displays that he has talent. Kool Herc speaks for a minute but briefly. Also announce a month from that day Whiz Kid will have a record release.)60min.
96-Flash, Furious 5, Jazzy J, Bambaataa at the T- Connection not sure of date. (note: This maybe two different party’s but it opens with jazzy j, and Bambaataa and they rock the Flash on the beat box plate. Next Flash and them come on and they are very involve and rock the record “walk like sex”, hut and others and flash slices in that Flash Gordon piece. Not a full side only about 20minutes.) side B- Jazzy 5 in New Jersey 1981 (note: Start off doing a routine off of Jackson 5 melody “never can say goodbye”. Mr. Freeze does a rhyme about “the game of life” and they rock “Jazzy Sensation”.)60min.
97-D.J. Grand Master Flowers- outside jam Brooklyn 1979 (Note: This is the legendary D.J. Flowers and you can definitely hear why. Although it is all disco music you can tell why he is categorized with the other legends. His m.c., well I don’t know. His name is Barren. Flowers runs into some tech problems as well he uses sound effects.) 120min.
98-D.J. Grand Master Flowers- St. Marks Park Brooklyn 1979 (Note: Flowers has a couple m.c.s Greg Cee, Derrick Bee, m.c. Lee Wild Mike E and John V and D.J. Blue. Its mostly disco but he adds in a few breaks such as Super sperm and they rock the echo.)120min.
99-Zulu Nation 6th Anniversary (pt.1) Soulsonic Force, Jazzy Jay T-Connection 1981 (Note: Soul sonic get busy and it is nice and clear. Check tape 30 for the 2nd part.)60min.
100- Troy L.’s ALL STARS- This tape will have studio recordings from m.c.s and groups from 1977 to 1983 and people referring to hip hop from 1977 to 1983 as well as “LIVE” pieces.
101- Cold Crush 4, Salt and Pepper M.C.s – South Bronx High School 1980 (Note: Whipper Whip and Dotta- Rock are rocking right with the Cold Crush passing the mic back and forth, and they are rocking the echo chamber real thick. K.G. does a rhyme about different soda’s, Dot does one about fly girls off the record Toys in the attic. This is a prom or graduation party for the South Bronx High School.)60min.
102- Funky4+1more- T- Connection 1980 (Note- The Funky do a routine accapella off of the melody “I know I am in love” by Chi Chi and Pepe. They do the record “That’s the joint” for the first time. Rodney Cee calls Breakout “break a ball”.)
103- Jazzy 5 T-Connection 1980 (Note- I am doing a big check on this crew, cause this is not the Jazzy 5 that did ” Jazzy Sensation” with Jazzy J and Mr. Freeze and the crew. This crew consist of Debbie Dee, Jazzy Ace, Busy E, Sinister Rock and Darrell Dee and the D.J.s are Master Plan Randy Ran and Patty Duke. Also it is Dot-A-Rocks birthday and Wiz Kid is also cutting.)60min
104- Zulu Nation- Red Alert, Master Dee, Master Bee, Jazzy Jay, Globe and Pow wow. Brentwood Long Island (Note-Master Bee does a rhyme about shooting dice and another about giving directions to girl on how to get to the T-Connection. Master Dee does a rhyme about getting busy with a girl and another about a fool and hard times.)90min.
105- Force M.C.s from south side of Queens and the members are Cool Dee, Jazzy Gee, Sha-heam, Pookie, Darrell Dee, Disco Gee and bust these names Rahiem, Starsky and there d.j.s name is Busy Bee. Somebody give me some history on this crew. Other performers were Keith Keith of the Herculoids, Easy Gee and Jazzy Jay T-Connection (Note: It is Kool Herc and Bam’s birthday)
106- Zulu Nation- Cosmic Force, Pow Wow, Globe, Mr. Bigg Jazzy J, Hutch Hutch, Donald Dee. 1979, 80 (Note: this is 3 different party’s. 1st. Audubon Pow Wow rocks a rhyme about a bandit from the western days stealing and hiding money and coming back 10 years later, after spending his money on women and a good time he later on goes to the desert and commits suicide. And the Cosmic force kill it with there routine. 2nd party in Long Island Hutch Hutch does a rhyme about the incredible Hulk having funky cloths and dingy hair. Pow Wow does a rhyme about buffalo bill. 3rd party Jay is known as Lil Jazzy Jay or this is somebody who is Jays understudy, Pow Wow does a rhyme about Lisa Lee calling him up and telling him to come over and rock. Donald Dee does a rhyme about meeting a girl name Tiny, Hutch Hutch does a rhyme about his daughter. They are using the echo chamber.)90min.
107- Zulu Nation- Sundance, Jazzy Jay, Hutch Hutch, Pow Wow. 1979 123 Park (Note: Sundance does a rhyme about crooked things, teasing a girl in the bed before banging her and another about the channels on T.V. Hutch Hutch does a rhyme about meeting a girl on the train and another about bring two girls around.)60min.
108- Rock steady, Kevie Kev, Whipper Whip, D.J. Theodore Danceteria 1982 (Note: This is a party that the Rock steady dancers are doing there thing, even got a brother with one leg from New Jersey doing his thing. Also this is during the time Kevie Kev is about to start rockin with Flash and the Furious 5 so you hear him saying some of there rhymes.)60min.
109- Caz, Busy Bee, Furious 5, Zulu Nation – 1981 Audubon and T- Connection (Note: Mellie Mel on the echo, they play there album Freedom for the first time but they are having mic problems so they turn the record over. Pow Wow does a rhyme about how he got life in jail, Master Bee does a rhyme about dice, Master Ice does one about how he got to Rikers Island, Lisa Lee does one about Jazzy Jay rockin the music when she got off the train also does the “chittie chittie bang bang” rhyme. Busy Bee is rockin with the record “it’s the joint” and him and Caz are clowning on the mic about who is in the party. Then they go back and forth with there rhymes. Mandip lite and Herc are at the party.
110- Tito and O.G. Rock 1982 (Note: This sounds like a house tape and O.C. is the D.J. records like head hunters, catch the beat genius of love and dog the donut among others that are being played. Tito announces that “its magic will be out shortly and they will be doing it off dog the donut” O.G. does a rhyme about Kennedy high school and a rhyme about the King Queen and jack among others. Tito does rhymes by D.L.B. and Moe Dee as well as how they got together and a rhyme about D.L.B.)60min.
111- Fantastic 5, Rockin Rob and the M.C. Connection Crew 1980 T-Connection (Note: There is an award ceremony. Busy Bee and Lil Spank of the Inner City crew, give an award for Flash as the best D.J. and the Furious 5 as the Best group and most promising. Funky 4 got 2nd place. Apache, Barry Bee, Lil Rich, Lil Bit and Crazy ? make up the M.C. Connection. Kevie Kev sings along with the records of “Just a touch of Love” and “Rock with you” and Theodore once again shows why he was so great at that time by cutting “Rock with you” so well. And Fantastic Start there Hey Fellas routine.)60min.
112- Zulu Nation- 1980 (Note: This is a true Zulu Nation throw down. This is 2 party’s and both of them kill it. 1st. party is at the T-Connection Jazzy J is the D.J., Smitty Dee is on the echo, Kid Vicious, Tricky Tee, Malibu, Pow Wow and Nae Nae are the M.C.s. Malibu uses the same melody but changes some of the words to one of Caz’s rhymes, which Caz also borrowed a couple verses from Johnny Cash, that’s right the country singer. It’s Troy Troy’s birthday. 2nd party Bambaataa is the D.J. and this is were he plays a lot of his fine collection, Dance to the drummers, you are what you are, keep your distance, groove to get down, “fuck you” by Millie Jackson, love and affection and Jamaican or African song were the singers lyrics are about the t.v. mini series “Roots”. Also a Latin jam were the singer is saying specific people are “a wanted man”. And it was Rodney Cee’s birthday.)90min.
113- Grand Master Flash and the Furious 5 1980 Lace’s Roller Rink, Roosevelt Long Island(Note: Only one mic is working so the mic is being passed around amongst the Furious 5. Kurtis Blow’s record “that’s the breaks” must of just come out cause they played it a few times. Flash is using the Infinity machine’s equipment.
114- Side A- Mighty Mike Cee, Rob Bass, Doug Fresh, M.C. Holiday, Magic Dee, Kid West, Jay Z, girl m.c. Ronnie Dee, D.J. Barry Bee Lincoln Projects in Harlem 1984 (Note: Mike Cee is doing work saying rhymes from his records and freestyling. Magic Dee kills it with his “Charlie, Molly, Wally, Polly rhyme. M.C. Holiday insults Rob Bass in a battle Rhyme, Rob Bass takes the high road and hits him back with a good quality rhyme, Holiday comes back with an average rhyme and then backs out of the battle. Doug does some human beat box for the devastating 3 m.c.s as well as his own rhymes. This tape starts out grainy but comes out decent.)
Side B- Tito, Mike Cee and Peso. D.J. Crazy Eddie and D.J. Reggie Reg. Manhattan Ville projects in Harlem. (Note: D.L.B. is not there but Fearless still kills it. UTFO is in the crowd. Crazy Eddie is cutting together the whistle from Spoonin Rap and the beat from Love Rap together, sounds real good.)
115- side A -L. Brothers 197? (note: Master Rob calls him self Robbie Rob. Busy Bee is a different m.c. while with the L. Brothers.) side B- Fantastic 5 1980. 60min.
116- The World Famous Supreme Team Show- 6-22-1982 (Note: The Supreme Team show was ran by C Divine the Master Mind and Just Allah the Superstar and on this show The Force M.C.s are in the house doing there thing and some brothers from Jersey City known as Sweet Slick and Sly are in the studio doing there thing and the shows just bring back some memories.60min.
117- The World Famous Supreme Team Show- 6-24-1982 (Note: Just Allah the Superstar does his routine called “Enlighten.” I for got they also played Soul songs from the seventies on there shows and there doing it here.60min.
118- The World Famous Supreme Team Show- 6-?-1982 (Note: The Force M.C.s are representing again. My projects the Grant Projects is given a shout out, and at that time Grant was called GODS PROJECTS by the 5 Percenters, and they had very strong following in there at that time. Also The Earth Neffertiti of GODS PROJECTS gives a shout out of love to her GOD L-Sun. Some other fool is giving a shout out, is cut off just before he says something very embarrassing.)60min
119- The Battle of the D.J.s at The New Music Seminar 7-18-1982 (Note: The D.J.s that battle are Charlie Chase, Jazzy J and Whiz Kid. Each D.J. had an outstanding performance. It is not easy at all for me to pick who won. The Cold Crush 4 performed for 5 minutes at the end. Grand Master Caz is one of the host.)60min.
120- Cold Crush 4 21st. Anniversary (Note: I believe it is 1997. A D.J. Wendell starts out for this show. Then the CC4 come on and do there routine “other m.c.s”. J.D.L. is not in attendance. After the routine, Caz talks about the difference between m.c.s and rappers. Then the crew goes into a small routine about this subject. Crash crew come on next. La Shue Bee, Darrell Cee, Reggie Reg and E.K. Mike C are the only ones in attendance for the Crash. Next up Jazzy J is on the 1’s and 2’s mixing a Erica Badu cut while Tricky Tee, Rodney Cee and Jazzy Jeff come on one by one. I take my hat off to Jazzy Jeff he did his thing. Rahiem comes on and he does his thing starting out in French. Jazzy Joyce later comes on. Caz comes on again does his thing taking his rhymes from back in the day and still having them sound dope today. Also Doug Fresh comes on and rocks the human beat box at the same time while Caz does his thing. This is also during the death of Biggie Smalls and Tupac. So Doug is asking for peace. 90min.)

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