Force MC’s

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T.C.D (Antoine Lundy ) deceased
Stevie Dee (Steve Lundy)
Mercury (Charles Nelson) deceased
Trisco (Trisco Pearson)
Lord K One
DJ Dr. Rock deceased
Dr. Shock
Jessie D

Formed 1979, Staten Island, New York, the Force MC’s started off by winning lots of high school talent shows.  From there the crew took there sounds to the streets earning them a reputation at the time as a crew that was hard to touch when it came to live shows.

They were one of the first crews to blend funk/r & b vocals with hip hop.

At one time in their career the Force was managed by hip-hop promoter Van-Silk.

I’ve received reports on another member named Jessie D who left the group due to drug use.

In 1984 the group changed there name and went by The Force M.D’S (Musical Diversity). They recorded “Let me love you” as their first single. Their follow up was “Forgive me girl”. Their first album was “Love Letters” which featured “Tears”. In 1985, they released the album “Chillin” which contained “Tender Love” a song produced by Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis.

In 1987 they won a award for best vocal group at the New York Music awards. There next album was “Touch and Go” released also in 1987.

In 1990, They released “Step to Me”.

In the mid 90’s Stevie Dee recorded with Wu-tang’s Ghostface Killa on Ghostface’s first album “Ironman”.

There up & coming label is called “Mad Love Records” based in Long Island N.Y.  Their newest album is called “The Reunion” and features Raekwon, Gregg Nice, and Kangol Kid on the Production note from U.T.F.O.  It also includes the last song recorded by the late T.C.D. called “Body & Soul”.

DJ Dr. Rock went on to become a popular disc jockey in the Texas area before his death.

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Info provided by Dagod9 and DADDY MARK BUCKZ and wedula99

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