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Label: Select
Year: 1985

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Song Listing

1. Leader of the Pack
2. Beats and Rhymes
3. Roxanne, Roxanne
4. Fairytale Lover
5. Lisa Lips
6. Hanging Out
7. Bite it
7. The Real Roxanne
8. Calling Her a Crab (Roxanne Part 2)


It’s hard to do a fair review of one of my all time favorite hiphop albums, but I will try.

Let’s see, this album has a little of everything in it. First, three installments of the classic Roxanne saga. The original ROXANNE, ROXANNE, (the B side to HANGING OUT), that spawned all the answer albums. THE REAL ROXANNE, the UTFO approved answer record, and CALLING HER A CRAB, the ‘end’ to the saga. What can be said? Catchy, fast rhymes over sparse beats and the distinctive Mixmaster Ice scratches. Classic Hip Hop.

Along the same lines, musically, is LEADER OF THE PACK, but this time we have a classic brag record. Every crew must have one of these, and this, “as a matter of fact, to be exact, this is not fiction, this is all fact”, this is a great one.  HANGING OUT, in my opinion, is one of the greatest hip hop records of all time. It has the amazing ability to remind me of both old school and late 80’s west coast. Great verbal acrobatics through out the whole record, and a slightly haunting and catchy synth sound.  BEATS AND RHYMES is similar in construction to HANGING OUT, but not on the same level.  BITE IT. Every album has to have a worst song.  FAIRYTALE LOVER. Seems a bit out of place on a rap album, but I always thought you could play it as a slow song at a junior high dance and it would fit right in. RUN of RUN-DMC sites this song as his inspiration for PETER PIPER.  LISA LIPS. Another interesting song. Harder.  More misogynistic than the original Roxanne record.  This one reminds me of the later guitar heavy east coast hip hop, but still has it’s old school roots.

As I said, I think this was one of the all time best hip hop albums. It has a little bit of everything in it. My original 15 year old cassette tape of this album was stolen out of my car back in September, ’99. Luckily, I tracked down a CD of it, so I can make enough copies on tape to last the rest of my life. Submitted by Bif D

Author: JohnG

Administrator of OldSchoolHipHop.Com

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