The Crazy Commanders Crew

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Another of the early pioneering crews, they featured two names that come up frequently on lists of all time great b-boys – Spy and Trac 2.

Spy is a definitive godfather who was known as “The Man with 1000 Moves.”  He is also credited with inventing the leg swipe in the air (made more well known by Crazy Legs of RSC).

Trac 2 was into gymnastics and tried to work those elements into his style.

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  1. Trac 2 was a member of CC Crew(?),this iz new new’s for me.I believe Jojo was a member along with his brother for a while but then left to join rock steady.I always heard that Spy was so good that he could make it rain & that’s why he became like the michael jackson of rockin’

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