DJ Divine and The Infinity Machine

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DJ Divine
DJ Kendu
Reverend Will
Def Jeff
Freaky T
MC Magic
MC Bedrock
Michael Goody

Based in Jamaica queens this group worked much of 1977 through 1985.

They toured with and provided sound systems for Afrika Bambaataa and the Soul Sonic Force, Super Rhymes, Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five, Kurtis Blow, Love Bug Starski, Hollywood, Eddie Cheeba.

They are most famous for their sound system that carried 28 Cerwin Vega b-36’s, as well as Bertha’s, Altec voice of the theater mid’s and the original Cerwin Vega turntables.

Battles have included: The Disco Twins, Cipher Sounds, Phase3, The Sound experience, Spectrum City (with Chuck D and Hank Shock Lee) and the Devastating Sight & Sound.

DJ Divine’s vinyl appearances are few but he was Spyder D’s DJ on his early Profile outings before Spyder teamed up with DJ Doc (Ivan Doc Rodriguez of BDP fame). DJ Divine is on “Placin’ The Beat” and “Buck Wheat’s Beat”.

DJ Divine’s solo record “Get Into the Mix” was released on West End Records in 1983 and featured an uncredited Spyder D on vocals.

Some Reminiscing With DJ Divine

Info submitted by Big Lee and Ed Roberts

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  1. Kendu was an amazing DJ, one of the best around during Infinity Machine’s reign. Wildcat was also one of the best MC’s at that time. Infinity Machine’s battles with the Disco Twins were classic.

  2. Wow, brought back memories. Started Infinity Machine with Mike and Kevin Kornegay back in 1974-75. We had 2 Vega V-32s for bottoms and ran Bose 501s for mids and highs…Whew those were the days!!

  3. All I can say is wow!there should be @ least 10,000 people following the mighty infinite machine that crew is a legend in my book

  4. I still remember the days when DJ Divine worked in Jamaica queens on Jamaica Blvd. selling records. Some times we would get togather and rock centennial park in Roosevelt LI on the weekends. As the person who started Fantasia 4, I must say those were some of the best days of my life, and let’s not forget King Charles and company and his bass heard around the world. If you see Goody tell him I said hi!!

  5. Still remember the battles between us(Fantasia 4) King Charles and Company, and the Machine on weekends in Roosevelt at the park and the roller rink. Miss all the good times!

  6. I remember Infinity Machine, the Twins, King Charles and the whole Strong Island Crew. I use to DJ with the Uptown Crew in Brooklyn and my cousin would tell me of the L.I. DJ’s. Got a chance to battle Cypher Sounds at Nassau Community College Common Area. Between our two sound systems I swore the glass was going to shatter. So what did I do? Turned up the Bass. Although not recognized as much as the more established groups on LI you gotta add PD Disco to the mix. Nothing today comes close to how we all held it down back in the day. Shout out to all of you and pouring out some to those who are gone.

  7. Wow. Got me nostalgic as f**k. I was a kid growing up in South Jamaica when all that was poppin off. Brings back mad memories. I love those days, that thought process, that Jamaica pride and that real Hip Hop ish. Me and my crew of shorties started DJing because of those dudes when we were like 12 and 13 years old. Used to hustle to buy equipment, DJ house parties, cut school to practice cuttin records… Good Times, Bounce Skate, I Cant Stop, Paradise, Dance to the Drummers Beat, Risin to the Top and so on and so on… Long live Jamaica Hip Hop. Shout out to 40, Baisley, St.Albans, Hollis, Sprinfield, Guy R. Brewer, 178 & 111th, Liberty, Rochdale, the Encore, Phantasia, Fat Cat, Supreme Team, Andrew Jackson, Jamaica High, the whole South Side. That DJing thing and learning how to hustle kinda saved my life – even though it almost got me killed occasionally. Ha

  8. If you know the name N.Y. Blvd. Then you know where I’m coming from. Peace.

  9. Big shout to Dj Divine Infinty Machine, as a young one growing up in South Jamaica Queens Infinty Machine was a force to be reckoned with, the name alone rings bells still today, we call him and the Disco Twins Fathers of Queens Hip Hop. I use to listen to all of the tapes, Park jams, Dj Battles, MC Battles etc. thanks to my older brother Cleveland (Fila) Battle RIP, he went to all the park jams and parties and had the tapes to prove it. When I heard the tapes that’s when I fell in love with Hip Hop, to hear the breakbeats being cut up and all types of scratches and music flowing did something to my soul. My younger brother Curtis (Static) Battle RIP and I formed a group called The Battle Boys Featuring Dj Kid Quick & Static from listening too, and always paying homage to my elders in Hip Hop, made us one of the biggest crews in the borough with a high powered sound system and skills to go along with it, thanks for our founding fathers of Queens Hip Hop

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