The Dynamic Rockers

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This group (along with the Rock Steady Crew) was largely responsible for breakdance’s entry into the mainstream and international notoriety, yet they are often overlooked when discussing the history of Hip Hop culture.

Hailing from Queens, the Dynamic Breakers were actually a spin-off group from the larger Dynamic Rockers crew. It was the Dynamic Rockers who had the, now legendary, battle with the Rock Steady Crew in front of Lincoln Center; as well as the U.S.A. (United Skates of America) battle seen in the documentary, Style Wars.  The group was formed by Eddie Ed (Osvaldo Luna).

The Dynamic Rockers’ style of b-boying incorporated gymnastics and acrobatics, as well as the traditional footwork and uprocking styles of their Bronx counterparts. It was something that (even to this day) some b-boy purists say is not “true” b-boying…but it was to be precisely this style, which had more visual appeal (particularly to the uninitiated), that would later propel the art form into the mainstream.

They also had a spin off crew of female dancers called the The Dynamic Dolls who pop up in the movie Beat Street.

Four of the Rockers, Airborne (Jose Lopez), Spider (Cliff Lyons), Kano(Milton Torres) and Flip (Juan Barranco), decided to form their own crew when the opportunity to sign with a management company (Breakdance Int’l.) came up. They called the crew the Dynamic Breakers. It was these four who had been largely responsible for the gymnastic and acrobatic elements that the Rockers were known for, as they were all teammates on their high school gymnastics team. They also added a breaker from New Jersey named Duce (Julio Martinez), whose signature move was the doo-rag-enhanced extra long headspin.

Under their new management, the group began putting together choreographed routines and getting booked for club shows. Their first big break came when a popular network television show called, “That’s Incredible” did a segment on the crew. It was that show, along with Rock Steady’s appearance in the film, “Flashdance”, that first brought b-boying into national focus.

Although Rock Steady Crew was recognized by those inside Hip Hop culture as the premiere b-boy crew, it was the Dynamic Breakers who gained the national spotlight early on with appearances in movies like “Delivery Boys”, “The Exterminator” and “The Last Dragon” and television gigs like NBC’s “The New Show”, where they actually had actress/director Penny Marshall bust a headspin in a sheepskin hat with some help from the crew.

They also appeared on ABC’s local New York affiliate, WABC-Channel 7 in a televised talent contest sponsored by Swatch (who would later go on to sponsor the ground-breaking Hip Hop tour, “Fresh Fest”). Dynamic won 1st place in the contest. The grand prize was supposed to be a role in Harry Belafonte’s upcoming film, “Beat Street“, however, they never appeared in the film due to a financial dispute between their management and the film’s producers.

Dynamic also recorded two singles for Sunnyview Records, “Dynamic (Total Control)” and “Kim”. The song “Dynamic” was actually supposed to be a duet with a rap group Total Control. The members of Total Control (emcees Dynamike, Frankie Dee and DJ Johnny Juice) all attended Hillcrest High School with Dynamic. Dynamike was teammates with the four original Rockers on the gymnastics team and wrote the song after seeing the crew win the contest on TV. Before the song was released, Total Control had a dispute with Breakdance Int’l., who had arranged the original record deal. This resulted in the record being released with the Dynamic Breakers being listed as the artists, even though Total Control was responsible for most of it’s content (the music was done by Cozmo D of electro/hip hop band, Newcleus). Eventually, Dynamic went on to record “Kim” on their own and Total Control dissolved when Dynamike and Johnny Juice joined Newcleus.

Interestingly, another one of the Breakers’ gymnastic teammates was Lindell Blake, who went on to form his own group called Break Machine; they hit with the single, “Street Dance”.

The Dynamic Breakers would go on to be one of the featured acts (along with Run DMC, Whodini, Kurtis Blow, Fat Boys, Newcleus, Grandmaster Flash, a very young Jermaine Dupree and fellow breakdance crews Magnificent Force and Uptown Express) in the pioneering arena-sized Hip Hop tours, Fresh Fest and Fresh Fest 2.

Dynamic’s popularity was eventually overshadowed by the New York City Breakers, who had begun to get national recognition of their own, which culminated in their performance for President Ronald Regan.

By the time Fresh Fest 2 came around, a couple of the original members had left the group and had been replaced. Eventually, breakdancing itself had burned out on the national scene and Dynamic faded into obscurity.

Their presence, however, lives on. The acrobatic style that they pioneered is very much evident in the styles of today’s b-boys/b-girls, but more importantly….b-boying was truly the first element of Hip Hop to be openly embraced by the mainstream…rap music came through the door opened by the b-boys…..the Dynamic Breakers had a lot to do with the opening of those doors.

Info submitted by EyeGetzRaw and Eddie Ed

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  1. they are still going kid glyde inherited the crew of his dad

  2. Gee thanks for the “mention of The Dynamic Dolls who were Only Held back by their Manager who behind their backs doused out Tons of Huge opportunities for the Dolls Such as Their own record written by Me “Kim-A-Kazi” Plus The 1st Ever Hip Hop Dolls The Dynamic Dolls Barbie Dolls – along with countless others. When Flip “The Dynamic Breakers” broke his foot just as the Fresh Fest tour had begun 1984 It was I “Kim-A-Kazi a/k/a Kim Valente who Stepped in to save the day because I was the Only one in the Crew that could Spin two guys and spin a man on my head.. all done with a broken shoulder..Pushing myself thru broken bones and torn ligaments from with I suffer from severe Fibromyalgia along with Arthritis -and a Host of other illnesses all stemming from those injuries and the lack of medical attention so I could keep dancing yet what do I or the Dolls get? a mention that is only partial truth.It is bad enough that we were shafted by our own manager and kept out of the loop by Guys with egos who do not want to remind themselves or anyone else that there were a crew of Females that out danced, popped and power moved most everyone of them NOT to Mention that I, was along with The Dynamic Breakers (rockers) the 1st to incorporate Choreography into Break dancing. I was not only hired with no credentials except my reputation to choreograph the 1st Performance for The Kennedy Center Honors 1983 also performed with The Dolls- in front of President & Mrs. Regan – honoring Katherine Dunham and every star from Hollywood But I was also invited to perform as well. So much more history but as always the Dolls & myself are always left out..There are so many B-girls today yet the females who broke thru the Male barriers when females were not accepted in Hip Hop Yet- and became a force to be reckoned with. Male crews dropping out of Breaking contests at the sight of us knowing they could never beat us. Now it is not only accepted for females to be in a crew with males it is coveted they are so willing to teach girl how to break today..where is Our tribute? The Dynamic Dolls – The Females who Started it all…PS – I have B-Boys & B-girls from around the world who were not even born yet who Know Our (The Dynamic Dolls) history…Just for the record Thanks for letting me Vent!!! It’s an old but open wound…

  3. I can’t see Kim A Kaze’s comment…from the Dynamic Dolls. Where are the female dancers of the Dynamic Rockers?

    i can’t say this article it’s wack…but it’s not full either.
    give the story right.

  4. No need to get upset. I’ll be glad to do a separate bio on the Dolls. Just send me the information and I’ll add it to the site.

  5. Hey it’s Kim-A-Kazi – I never did see your response until now I will be happy to give you all of the info you want/need to make a bio on The Dynamic Dolls… just tell me where to send the info or contact me thru my e mail

  6. Just happened to come across UR site again and I did not see anything on the Dynamic Dolls.

  7. indeed…where are the Dynamic Dolls?

  8. Though your article is informative it is not complete. There is no mention of Kid Freeze. He is the reason Dynamic got put on the map for it was his style that everyone bit. Every bboy today owes their style and thanks to to Kid Freeze, Crazy Legs and Ken Swift

  9. all you need to do is Google – Kim-A-Kazi and there is a lot of info. You mention the 1984 Swatch watch fresh Fest tour but what Most people do not know (it is mentioned in my up coming auto Bio – (A B-Girl in a B-Boy World) by crew member Kano that I saved the day and allowed our crew to do the Fresh Fest tour, flip who used to spin the guys in the air broke his foot and could not perform. Because I was the only one who could lift and spin 2 guys ad spin them on my head n because of my popping skillz and the fact that I knew every routine, I took Flips place so dynamic could go on that tour. Once flip healed he took over. Hip Hop Historians have a duty to tell the truth the whole truth without prejudice or being strong armed by these hates who refuse to even speak our name, look someone wrote that Kid Freeze was the reason Dynamic was whho they were and why we got famous,,, i Love Kid Freeze but that is an untrue statement. I Hope my book will offer a new perspective on our Crew and out Historic contributions to Hip Hop History. Thnak You and God Bless


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