The New York City Breakers

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This group was inspired by the Lincoln Center battle between The Rock Steady Crew and The Dynamic Rockers that received so much media attention.  They realized that they could actually make something of the b-boy scene.

Their first real exposure came in 1982 with an offer to battle Rock Steady in NYC at a club called Negril which was run by Michael Holman (later of “Graffiti Rock” fame).  Holman was tired of having just the Rock Steady Crew appear at the Negril and wanted to host a battle.  The invitation went out to the then Floormasters Crew.  After the battle Holman saw the crews athleticism and signed on to be their manager.

From there they changed their name to The New York City Breakers.

They were the featured b-boys on the seminal hip hop television pilot “Graffiti Rock” which was put together and hosted by Holman.

The were one of the featured crews in the hip hop movie “Beat Street“.

Perhaps the height of their popularity came when they performed on nationally televised show the was attended by Ronald Reagan.

Glidemaster was killed in a motor bike accident.

Some members of the crew are still active and have been seen performing from time to time.

Additional info by Mr Wiggles

Check Out the NYC Breakers during their appearance in Graffiti Rock

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  1. Omg plz tell me where robert taylor is the guy who played lee in beat street plz someone hit me on fb and tell me. Im under kaye marie

  2. These cat’s along with rock steady were true hero’s for the second generation.


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