Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five – Adventures on The Wheels of Steel (BOX)

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Grandmaster Flash Box Set Cover Art

Label: Sequel
Year: 2000

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Song Listing

Disc One
1. Freedom 
2. The Birthday Party 
3. The Adventures Of Grandmaster Flash On The Wheels Of Steel 
4. Showdown 
5. It’s Nasty (Genius Of Love) 
6. Flash To The Beat (Parts 1&2) 
7. The Message 
8. Scorpio 
9. Message II (Survival) 
10. New York New York

1. White Lines (Don’t Do It) 
2. Jesse 
3. Grandmaster Melle Mel & The Furious Five With Mr. Ness & Cowboy Beat Street 
4. We Don’t Work For Free 
5. Step Off 
6. Pump Me Up 
7. Mega-Melle Mix 
8. King Of The Streets 
9. Vice 
10. Street Walker 
11. Super Rappin’ No.1

1. Trinidad Spot 
2. She’s Fresh 
3. It’s A Shame (Mt. Airy Groove) 
4. Internationally Known 
5. Hustlers Convention 
6. The Truth 
7. World War III 
8. The New Adventures Of Grandmaster 
9. Freestyle 
10. Black Man 
11. Drug Wars 
12. Kick The Knowledge 
13. D.C. Cab


These Sequel Records compilations are really a blessing.  This one is spectacular. –  JohnG

Author: JohnG

Administrator of OldSchoolHipHop.Com

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