Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five – Message from Beat Street: The Best of Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five

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Best of Flash Vol 1 Cover ArtLabel: Rhino
Year: 1994

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Song Listing

1. Step Off Megamix
2. Freedom
3. The Birthday Party
4. Showdown (w/ The Sugarhill Gang)
5. It’s Nasty (Genius of Love)
6. The Message
7. Scorpio
8. Message II (Survival)
9. New York New York
10. White Lines (Don’t Do It)
11. Beat Street


This is one of my favorite hip hop compilations ever. I am only 13 years old, and this is one of the main things that got me interested in old school hip hop. It all started about 2 years ago when I was at my friends house, and we were watching MTV.  They were doing a special on hip hop, and then the video, “the message” came on.  I couldn’t keep my eyes away from the screen. shortly after that, I went and bought the only Grandmaster Flash cd there was at a store. I took it home and listened to it as soon as I could. It showed me what true hip hop was all about and what its true meaning was in the beginning.  I wish hip hop was still like the music on this album today. Below is a review of each song-

1. Step off Megamix- This is a megamix of Melle Mel’s greatest hit songs packed into one song. Kinda weird at the start, but then it gets good.
2. Freedom- I’ll have to say that this is probably my all time favorite songs by flash and the furious five. When I heard it I was dazzled by their rhymes and the fact that they were talking about having fun, not gangbanging or anything. It’s all about having a good time. “we don’t care if your age is ten, or if your a senior citizen,” that line there told me it was far from any hip hop these days.
3. Birthday party- this song is similar to freedom. it is not the full length version on this cd. A good party jam.
4. Showdown- this jam was inspired by the creator of new kids on the block. It was supposed to reenact the mc battles from back in the day. In this rap the Furious 5 battle the Sugar Hill gang. you decide the winner.
5- It’s Nasty- This song has a great background. it was taken from the tom tom club. A classic.
6. The Message- This is what started it all. “Don’t push me ’cause I’m close to the edge, I’m trying not to lose my head, its like a jungle sometimes it makes me wonder how I keep from going under” After this was released, rap wasn’t just about having a good time anymore, it also was about reality and life. probably their greatest well known hit. if you like hip hop, and you haven’t heard this song, you are not a true hip hop fan. At the time, flash and some of the f-5 members didn’t want to release the song, so Melle Mel and duke bootee were the only ones to rap on it. Ironically, it was their biggest hit.
7. Scorpio- a dance classic. Electro-voice the whole way. robotic.
8. the message 2 (survival) – another message by Melle Mel and Duke Bootee. it address other problems in the world today. not quite as good as the original, but its still good education about life in the ghetto.
9. New York, New York- another rap that addresses problems in the ghetto that some people face everyday. It also informs you about things that happen everyday. It was the groups follow-up to the message.
10- White Lines- this song was originally meant to be done by the whole group, but they split up because of differences, flash, Kidd Creole, and Rahiem going to Elektra records, and Melle Mel, cowboy, and Scorpio remaining at Sugarhill, Melle Mel ended up recording this on his own. It ended up to be a smash hit. There is more info on the song in the cd packet.
11. Beat Street- This song was recorded for the film beat street. It doesn’t have much to do with the film, but it is still a great song.

If your a true fan of hip hop, u should have these songs in your collection. This cd gets a 10 on a scale of 1-10. Submitted by Will

Author: JohnG

Administrator of OldSchoolHipHop.Com

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