True School Lyrical Lessons From The Rap Legends Volume 1 – Various Artists

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True School Volume 1 Cover ArtLabel: K-Tel
Year: 1996

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Song Listing

1. King Tim III (Personality Jock)- Fatback
2. We Rap More Mellow (Maxi Version)- The Younger Generation
3. Superrappin’- Grandmaster Flash and The Furious Five
4. The Breaks- Kurtis Blow
5. New Rap Language- The Treacherous Three
6. Adventures of Super Rhymes- Jimmy Spicer
7. Zulu Nation Throwdown- Afrika Bambaataa and the Cosmic Force
8. Spoonin’ Rap- Spoonie Gee
9. Move With The Groove- Disco Four
10. Rappin’ and Rocking the House- Funky Four Plus One


This disc definitely has some old school classics,including the offering from “The Younger Generation” (aka The Furious Five) which I’m sure a lot of folks haven’t really heard outside of New York. It made for some decent listening. However, the one track that disappointed me was “Move To The Groove” by The Disco Four because it was not “Move To The Groove” by The Disco Four, it is actually “Do It, Do It” by The Disco Four. Other than that the disc is pretty cool. Submitted by jmmadjr

Author: JohnG

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