Triple Threat Three

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Mike C
DC Ray

This early West Coast group (from Sacramento, CA) released one of the first non-electro tracks to really catch on in 1984, “Scratch Motion.”

They were on Saturn Records and never really had much after that track of note.

Check Out “Scratch Motion”

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Author: JohnG

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  1. Actually The Triple Three also released We Love You Marvin which was a tribute to late R&B Icon after his death which was big at the time in Northern Cali. They use to rock the house. But DC Ray went on to release a single titled Whats The Matter With Your Life in 1992-93 which was on the radio from Sac to LA an was played as far as ohio an Phila. DC RAY also won 3 Sacramento Music Awards for his role in pioneering the sacramento area music scene. As well as numerous live performances which put him in the SAMMIES Hall Of Fame 1st hip-hop artist to achieve that in Sacramento. From Brotha Lynch,Fonke Socialistics,C-BO,an many others that followed all owe DCRay an the Triple Threat Three. But almost all of them recognize an acknowlege DC Ray as the godfather og that started it all. That’s just FYI.

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