Chris “The Glove” Taylor

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Chris “The Glove” Taylor was one of the DJ pioneers on the West Coast.

Ice T’s first appearances on wax were on his records “Reckless” (from “Breakin'”) and “Tibetan Jam” both in 1983.

He was signed to Electrobeat Records. He was also in a crew known as The Radio Crew before he was a solo artist.  Other members of The Radio Crew were Ice T, Super AJ, and The Egyptian Lover.  They put out one of the rarest EPs in Hop-Hop history for the documentary “Breaking And Entering”.

His most famous record is “The Itchiban Scratch” in 1985 which is a instrumental that samples young children singing “The Grand of Duke Of York” around a Japanese style theme.

He also made a records with Victor Flores called “Breakmixer 1 + 2” and appeared on the famous Motown hip hop record “Scratch Break” by the Motor City crew.

More recent credits are on Dr Dre’s albums “The Chronic” and “The Aftermath” on which he received mixing credits and on The Firm’s album as a producer.

Check out a clip from “Breakin” feat Chris Taylor and Ice T

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