Donald D

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Donald D first exploded on the scene with Afrika Islam and The Zulu nation.

He built his rep on the streets as a storytelling MC, but still had the freestyle skills.

Donald D’s big break in the recording industry came when as a mc on the Zulu beats radio show with Afrika Islam. That was where C.E.O Vincent Davis of Vintertainment records first heard his rhyme skills, and offered him a record deal.

He recorded his first song “Rock the House” with the group The B-Boys with DJ Chuck Chillout.  The song got little airplay, but was a big hit with the breakdancers and pop lockers.

The second single “Stick up kid b/w Girls” along with rap partner Brother-B became another underground hit.

This led to tours with Doug E Fresh and The Boogie Boys.

Unhappy with the way business was being ran with Vintertainment, the group cut ties with the label. Donald then recorded with the label Rockin Hard Records, a small company with no promotional push.  The song “Outlaw b/w Dope Jam” got major play on the mix shows and college radio.

Donald D got a call from West Coast pioneer Ice-T to record a song for the album “Rhyme Syndicate – Comin Through”. He flew to LA, did the song, came back to NYC for a short time before moving back to LA

He teamed up with Ice-T and became his right hand man going on to co-write many songs on his albums. That led to his debut album titled “Notorious” which was released on Sony records.

Donald D second album “Let the Horns Blow” was released on Warner Brothers Records outside the US.  It blew up all over Japan and Europe leading to major tours overseas.

He had just finished his video for the song “I’m Gonna Smoke Him” for the “Trespass” movie soundtrack. The future was looking bright but when it came time to release the album in the US, Donald got caught in the cross fire of the Ice-T “Cop Killer” drama.

When the smoke finally cleared Warner Brothers dropped Ice, Donald, and the rest of the Rhyme Syndicate artists. At that point he decided to break away from the Syndicate, and establish his own identity in the entertainment biz. He went on to act in the gospel play “Faith-n-Temptation” where he got very good reviews.

He would go on to do his first movie “Bang” with Polygram films.

With music being his first love he returned to the studio doing tracks with Martika, mambo hit maker Lou Bega, DJ Yutaka and many other Japanese artists.

Donald is also recording under the name Don Chico with rap partner Prophet and the name Donde.

In the summer of 2003 he released and EP entitled “Hip Hop – The Return of the Culture”.  He does a track with Grandmaster Caz called “Right Now”.

Check out “The Groove”

All information submitted by Donald D himself and DJ Rawtho

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Author: JohnG

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  1. Horrible post. Full of incorrect info. Do your research more thoroughly before uploading such trash. There were 2 artists named Donald D.

    Donald Lamont aka Donald-D of The B Boys, Microphone King Donald D & DJ Chilly D and Rhyme Syndicate recorded “Notorious” etc.

    Donald Bowen aka Donald D recorded “The Groove” etc w/ Grandmaster Flash

  2. Thanks for the information. I updated the bio accordingly.

  3. What happened to thesong ,just suck..donald dee sang it on rhyme syndicate..

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