Double Trouble

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Rodney Cee (Rodney Stone)
KK Rockwell (Kevin Smith)

These two were originally members of the group Funky 4 +1. KK Rockwell was an original member and Rodney Cee joined after another member left.

These two never recorded any studio tracks but are featured several times in the film Wild Style. Both appear at the amphitheater show.  Rodney Cee battles Busy Bee near the beginning of the movie.  KK Rockwell also lends a hand to some of the DJ tracks.

They released a 12 inch single on Capitol records as well as a handful of tracks for Enjoy none of which captured the energy they had in Wild Style or with the Funky 4+1.

They later recorded under the name of  “The Deuce” and had a minor hit using same lyrics from the stoop scene in Wild Style.

In the early 2000’s one of their more famous routines was used by the group Black Star.

The majority of “Stoop Rap” from Wild Style was sampled by Fat Boy Slim aka Norman Cook for his Beats International project on their record “Dub Be Good To Me” (Go beat 1990) which was a cover of the S.O.S. Band’s  “Just Be Good To Me” . It was a massive hit in Europe.

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