The Nigga Twins

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These guys were really pioneers in the b-boy world. They were at their most active period during the mid 70’s before many other well known crews started up.

They were the first group to really take to the floor with footwork and mixed in vertical moves including the sling shot.

They were known for their high fashion including trench coats and often times they were sporting cigars as part of their routines.

Additional info by Mr Wiggles

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Author: JohnG

Administrator of OldSchoolHipHop.Com

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  1. Even though it is said that the twins didn’t contribute to the foundation of rockin’ in my opinion they are still pioneers in hip hop.they had the original blueprint along with the other kool herc dancer’s like Sasa(the first bboy dancer)which didn’t evolve from that time but still can’t be overlooked because they are still remembered.

  2. With a name like that you should be ashamed.SHAME

  3. They are now called “The Legendary Twins.”, they regret having their earlier name. They gave a lecture in London (England) on May 3rd 2015 at Breakin’ Convention.

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