Wild Style

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Wild Style Film

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DIRECTOR: Charlie Ahearn
PRODUCER: Charlie Ahearn
WRITER: Charlie Ahearn
YEAR: 1982


Well, the story doesn’t really matter much in this film, but basically it follows a young graffiti artist around for a little while. He pals around with Fab 5 Freddy and Busy Bee. But the performances make the film


  • If you watch the film or hear the soundtrack be sure to notice that nearly every live performance uses the same beat.
  • First performance is a battle between Busy Bee and Rodney C (Funky 4 + 1/Double Trouble). An amazing performance that Busy ends up winning at the end. There is a longer version in the film than on the soundtrack.
  • After the club performance, Busy Bee and Lisa Lee perform in the back of a limo. I don’t know if it is the same Lisa Lee from Us Girls.
  • A classic sequence features the Cold Crush Brothers and Fantastic Five battling verbally while on the basketball court. Check out the rappin’ cheerleaders.
  • Back at the club, Fantastic sets it off live. Great delivery and they work the crowd well.
  • That performance is followed by one from Cold Crush. AD says, “Don’t have no LP, but we’re not blue.” Caz sets it off. Rock Steady does its thing on the dance floor.
  • Blondie’s “Rapture” plays during the party scene. Fab 5 Freddy works the crowd.
  • The Stoop Rap by Double Trouble is their classic routine that is fully realized later live.
  • Busy Bee does a small rap on the street for some neighborhood kids.
  • Grandmaster Caz goes solo on the “Subway Rap.”
  • Now here is a scene that is vintage old school hip hop. Grandmaster Flash’s few minutes on screen feature him cutting and scratching something for Fab 5 on his kitchen table.
  • The amphitheater show ends the film with several live performances. Check out the Fantastic 5 as they have to share microphones. Double Trouble comes on stage sporting white gangster looking suits and fake guns. They rock the crowd, but the soundtrack features the full performance that is edited in the film. Rammellzee and Shock Dell with Grand Mixer D.ST. rock next with Rock Steady dancing on stage with them. As the show ends Kool Moe Dee grabs the mic just as “Good Times” drops in but he doesn’t rhyme.


The ultimate hip hop movie of all time!!!!!!! This is hip hop at its earliest and raw form seen here right before our eyes.  A perfect film for any real hip hop fan that appreciates the true art form (also that wasn’t around during the early days).  Back in December, after talking with legendary Rock Steady Crew member, Frosty Freeze (who does appear in the film), he states that the action was filmed in 1981,it took them nearly a year to release it.He also states that in end sequence at the amphitheater, Grandmaster Flash (who already makes an appearance earlier in the film) and The Furious Five does a performance but it was cut out of the final version. I asked Frosty if he knew any whereabouts on the “lost” footage, he had no idea.  It would be fun to see that piece after all these years.  Maybe director Charlie Ahearn or Rhino Home Video will add it in for a somewhat special edition home video or theatrical release. Who knows!!! Movies like Beat Street, Breakin,or Krush Groove are okay but Wild Style takes the cake as the best hip hop movie of all time.  I give it 5 stars.  ONE LOVE!!!!!! by TMGanalog

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Author: JohnG

Administrator of OldSchoolHipHop.Com

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