Kool Herc Hospitalized and He Needs Your Help!

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The Godfather of Hip Hop, Kool Herc, has been hospitalized and is need of financial support.

He’s got no health insurance and is having trouble paying the bills.

DJ Premier has been helping to get the word out and donations are being accepted via regular mail or via PayPal.

Donation addresses are up, all donations can be send to:

P.O. BOX 20472

or you can wire you donation internationally via paypal to this address:

cindycampbell1@aol.com (his sister)

On his site, Premier posted, “His sister is taking care of everything. Press release is coming later today. He’s now home ok, but he’s in need of surgery which you can help him pay it. I’ll post if there are any more updates. Hip Hop is so beautiful… Thanks to everyone for the love… Kool Herc is a trending topic!”


Some good information on Herc’s situation from the NY Times.


Author: JohnG

Administrator of OldSchoolHipHop.Com

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  1. Help Herc GIVE IT UP..

  2. Anyone know this? where you can contact?? if anyone has information please sirvampire11@hotmail.com .. thanks

  3. man, i have no money to spare
    and even if I’d want to send a symbolic 10$, I don’t have a bank account or credit card or anything like that so
    who in their right mind would use what is called “western medicine” for anything else than ER cases?!
    it’s the only thing it’s good at
    for this guy and ANYONE else in the same condition (and not only),
    a. asparagus
    b. beetroot (the best)
    c. watermelon & cucumber
    a lot
    natural cures r not intense as medicines u find in pharmacies
    also good:
    cider vinegar, carrots, black grapes, cabbage (sauerkraut if available)
    salt, soy, seafood, coffee, tea, alcohol, chili
    I hope this will benefit Herc or at least smone…
    There’s no discussion page on his website, just a “donate” button…
    no comment
    I hope this message will get to him somehow
    even if wants to go the stupid western medicine way,
    he is “the father of hip-hop”, isn’t he?
    wtf has he to struggle to raise a few hundred thousand $ when there r so many filthy rich rappers?!


  4. where is jay z puffy and the rest of the hiphop billionaires club?
    they got enough money to burn in clubs but no money for the oldschool…

    read yesterday the famous most used hiphop amen break drummer died homeless in 2006, never got a penny for royalties or sample use…

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