An Interview with JDL of the Cold Crush Brothers [VIDEO]

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Check out this video interview with JDL of the Cold Crush Brothers from the Summer of 2010

Part 1


Part 2


Part 3


Author: Troy Smith

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  1. Good interview Troy—
    Big Shout to JDL
    for puttin’ it down!!!!

  2. EnJoyed aspects of this interview,

    Troy’s knowledge and opinion is great but for me probably got in the way and took the shine off JDL a little, not much but just a little.
    I appreciate that Troy is hardcore promoter of this period of hiphop culture and history, but captured moments like these are classic opportunities to showcase what the legends have to say about hiphop history and how they feel about how it has developed etc.
    Troy’s interview style make the artist JDL come off as his buddy from down the street, again no disrespect to Troy, nothing but respect for his knowledge and what he is giving to the public.
    ,was disapointed that the question about where he was born came @ the end, then the interview was shut down.
    IT’s great that the interviewer is sharing his knowledge of hiphop and live tapes, but hiphop is a worldwide phenomena and many people revere pioneers such as CAZ JDL and them,
    the way they are presented to the public is Hella import ,I know Troy would agree with this.
    On the whole a great insight into
    an obscure aspect of live rhyming ie the singing part, always wondered why cold crush did that
    some of the stuff was innovative some annoying because the sets tend to go on and on. maybe you had to have been there to appreciate it, big ups to Troy L smith

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