Old School Feature – Big & Proud: Afrika Bambaataa in Concert July 2000

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Submitted by ToddeB

July 4, 2000 – Copenhagen, Denmark, Club Rust, 11:00 pm.

Due to the fact that Denmark is so far north the sky was still light as we entered the club unsure if we were in the party mood yet. But as Afrika Bambaataa took to the tables on the small stage in Club Rust this July fourth, any doubts of missing the vibe disappeared.

With a near capacity crowd of 200 on hand this Tuesday evening Bam took us all for a promised “musical journey”. While rockin’ a shirt with the phrase “Big & Proud” on the back, there was no doubt that Bam’s beats were as large as ever. Spanning from e-funk, reggae, drum and bass, go-go, hip hop, then to house we all found ourselves gettin’ busy. Bam turned out these Danes for over two hours and left me begging to go home to NYC.

The style was so casual and intelligent , reaching deep into the crates to turn out the scene in Copenhagen like no one else can. With the chants of “Zulu” from the blonde haired blue eyed back row, Bambaataa gave everyone what they came for and much more to take home. He delivered a package which was raw but on point, setting you up with his electro funk and house then dropping in references which reminded you of his old school roots. All in all it was a big night for Copenhagen and an even bigger one for the reality that the old school is alive and well in Scandinavia.

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Author: JohnG

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