Old School Feature – Jazzy Jay Concert Review – September 2000

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Jazzy Jay was in the house here in the UK very recently touching down at a small venue which is home to an old skool flava night called The Phonic Hoop, home to a lot of UK Trip Hop/Big Beat Talent from Wall of Sound,  Ninja Tune, Skint & Big Kahuna).

His appearance was nothing more than a DJ set, but he played some interesting and fun stuff for UK breaking crew, The New Park Rockers, to throwdown to.

The Jay man played self-produced cuts from Busy Bee and some Strong City stuff mixed in with break beat super funk from way back like “Ashley’s Roachclip”, “Apache”, “The Mexican” and “God Made Me Funky”.

He didn’t just come on stage for ten-minutes either which these famous guys are loath to do.  He was up there for almost 90 minutes and his hands were always at work rarely letting a track rock for more than 3 minutes, far better than we had a right to expect considering that this country is awash with over-paid wack sap suckers who think old skool records played at the jam should start with “I Know You Got Soul” and end with “Rebel Without A Pause”

This leads us on to Steinski, the guy who did the Lesson records and the pioneer of the cut and paste sample record.  He sucked so much every vacuum cleaner in the place stopped to give it up for his ass….He was on stage for 15 minutes, played Lesson’s 1, 2 and 3 and two badly mixed Robbie & Jazzy J records for the late 80’s then he fucked off home.

It’s lucky DJ Food and Matt Black of Cold Cut where there to rescue the night. This guy gave the subsequent old skoolers visiting Broighton a bad name.

Author: Ed Roberts

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