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K Rob would most likely be a forgotten name were it not for a well conceived collaboration with Rammellzee called “Beat Bop”

The song came about when Fab 5 Freddy took the Rammellzee to meet Jean-Michel Basquiat, a well known artist.  Rammellzee, a graf writer, thought Basquiat was a fraud.  Their conversation got heated and turned into a sort of battle.

Basquiat attempted to flex his emcee talent, but Rammellzee tossed the lyrics and told partner K Rob to go off on a different level.  The song eventually was released as “Beat Bop” by Rammellzee vs. K Rob.

It was often sold for as much as $1000 at the time because of its artwork on the cover done by Basquiat.

Originally released on Tartwon Records in 1983 it was later picked up by Profile Records.

Another K Rob notable track was “I’m A Homeboy” a collaboration with DJ Cheese in 1986.  It was produced by Duke Bootee for Beauty and the Beat Records.

Another 12″ was “The Day K-Rob Came Back”/”Hey Hey Hey” on Profile in 1986.

Check out “Beat Bop”

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