The Salsoul Crew

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While not one of the most well known crews these days, The Salsoul Crew were truly pioneers in the b-boy world.

During the years 1974-1976 they were the most feared crew in the Bronx.

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Author: JohnG

Administrator of OldSchoolHipHop.Com

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  1. @ who ever posted that sal soul was the first Latino bboy crew ???? where did u get such bullshit!!sal-soul was a hustle crew!! tbb was founded in 74 by cash / sharky & batch as a graffiti crew! then later on in 75 tbb became tbb rocking crew the biggest Latino rocking crew !! 2nd none other to the zulu kings!! tbb was responsible for the foundation of the dance fl.rocking!! after batch broke tbb up in 79 jimmy lee & jimmy dee from the tbb Burnside division decided to create the rock steady crew in late 79 – 80 … please get ur facts & history right before u post these incorrect information!! my name is aby president of the bronx boys rocking crew / global!! my brother is batch the founder of tbb rocking crew & god father to the rock steady crew!! if u dont know u better ask!!

  2. Thanks for commenting. Just send me an updated profile and I’ll be glad to make any necessary changes.

  3. With all respect to Aby what’s confusing with his story is that Trac 2 stated in “The Freshest Kids” that Salsoul was the first hispanic crew in the BX then when they broke up then came TBB.If I had the money I would have a round table discussion with members from Zulu,Salsoul,TBB,CC,Starchild along with Herc’s original dancers’s like Nigger Twins,Sasa,Clark kent,El dorado mike etc.That would be a true hip hop history moment.

  4. Hey Aby, I am a photo journalist for News 12 the Bronx, Here is a sample of my work….
    Is there any chance Batch (if locked up) will be getting out and be available. I would love to interview him and have him talk about TBB. Many of us believe TBB came out of Salsoul (Tee-Tee Rock Weebo, Vinny, etc…). If that is wrong the true history should be made public. I would love an opportunity to talk to Batch. Any chance of that? My work email is


    Rich Lee

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