Fresh Soundtrack – Various Artists

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Label: Loud
Year: 1994

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Song Listing

1. I Gotcha Back- Genius
2. Heaven & Hell- Raekwon featuring Ghostface Killer
3. Can it Be All So Simple- Wu Tang Clan
4. Fresh- Fresh 3 MC’s
5. Freaks Come out at Night- Whodini
6. Funkbox Party- Masterdon Committee
7. Fresh, Wild, Fly, and Bold- Cold Crush Brothers
8. Rockin’ It- The Fearless Four
9. Catch the Beat- T-Ski Valley
10. It’s Nasty- Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five
11. Do You Wanna Rock- Funky 4 + 1
12. Spoonin’ Rap- Spoonie Gee


This soundtrack has an interesting mix of songs and groups on it, and I’m excluding the first three. The Fresh 3 MC’s track is funky, and includes what they call rapping in reverse. This could be pretty cool, except they don’t really do, they just play the vocal track backwards. “Freaks Come Out…”, “It’s Nasty” (with those crazy kazoos), and “Rockin’ It” are all old school classics. A different mix of “Rockin’ It” is included if you are a particular fan of the Fearless Four. Masterdon Committee creates a live party sound using several call and responses, but it is mostly sung not rapped. The Funky 4 +1 addition on the disc is not one I’ve seen in other places. It has a very R&B feel to it including a lot of singing throughout. “Spoonin’ Rap” is another example of how overlooked Spoonie Gee’s career has been. It features a heavy bassline more than likely played by the Sugar Hill Records house band. Don’t sleep on this guy. He’s a true old school godfather. The real find on this is “Fresh, Wild, Fly, and Bold.” Ever since Tuff City discontinued their Cold Crush compilation, finding any recording studio track from them has not come easily. Bottom line is if you can find this anywhere, there are definitely a few tracks that make it worth picking up. – JohnG

Author: JohnG

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