The Real Roxanne

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Like so many other female rappers in 1984-85, Adelaida/Joanne? Martinez adopted the name Roxanne and set about to answer UTFO’s smash single “Roxanne, Roxanne.”

The Real Roxanne as she was known is usually considered near the top of that very crowded group of women.  Her main competition came, of course, from Roxanne Shante.

She made a record called “Romeo” on Select in 85 which was an inversion of Roxanne Roxanne.

She did eventually release an album of her own in 1988 utilizing such producers as Jam Master Jay, Howie Tee, and Full Force.

Her biggest commercial hit was “Bang Zoom- Let’s Go Go”.

Her more recent effort “Go Down (But Don’t Bite It)” bombed.

Check out a performance of “Bang Zoom”

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