Doug E Fresh and the Get Fresh Crew

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Doug E Fresh (Doug E Davis)
MC Ricky D
Chill Will
Barry Bee

Doug E. Davis was born on September 17, 1966 in the Barbados.

Before Darren Robinson of the Fat Boys and Biz Markie, there was Doug E. Fresh “The Original Human Beat Box.”  Although others may have gotten more recognition for their beat box skills, it was Doug who started it all.

An early 12″ was “Pass the Budda” by Doug Fresh, Spoonie Gee, and DJ Spivey on Spotlight Records in either 1982 or 83.

One of Doug’s early introductions to the world was his beat box routine in Beat Street alongside The Treacherous Three during the performance of “Xmas Rap.”

One of his earliest recordings as a solo artist was “Just Having Fun” on Enjoy! Records.

Charlie Rock of Harlem World Crew was very instrumental in bringing “Ricky D” AKA “Slick Rick” and Doug E. Fresh together when he was request by Doug to introduce him to Rick after he has seen him win a number of local MC battle contest. It was at a MC Contest at the 369 Armory on 142nd street in Harlem, given by promotion partners Ray chandler & Charlie Rock, The Rick & Doug were formally introduced by Rock.

Doug was the leader of the Get Fresh Crew, which included MC Ricky D, Barry Bee, and Chill Will.  Together they recorded two all time hip hop classics: “La-Di-Da-Di” and “The Show” both showcased Doug’s lyrical and beat boxing skills.

Ricky D left to strike out on his own as Slick Rick.

Doug did continue to record albums but never achieved the same success he had with the early singles.  He was also featured on The Stop The Violence Movement song “Self Destruction.”

He attempted a comeback on  Hammer’s Bust It label in the early 1990’s.  More notably he appeared on DJ Kool’s “Let Me Clear My Throat” alongside Biz Markie.

He’s also performed or recorded with 2Pac, Biggie, Eminem, P. Diddy and Dr. Dre as well as venturing into the realms of reggae, r&b and gospel.

He reunited with Slick Rick on a few of Rick’s solo albums.

Official Site: Doug E Fresh Official Site

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Additional info provided by doug1970, dj rawtho, freddiefresh, and Charlie Rock

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  1. There is also another DJ in the get fresh crew named D.J. Kev-Ski, he is one of the more unspoken heros of hip hop. He also has another gig called Dr. Luv and Kev-Ski and he is currently on tour with Rob Base

  2. I rember when Doug would come to Philly, he would always take me in on his arm,at the Gotham Night Club. He may not remember me but I remember how I felt. Dougie made me feel important. That feeling was great and I will cherish those memories. Thank you Mr.Fresh you are truly the greatest.

  3. Rising To The Top”, which, thanks to being sampled in Doug E. Fresh’s song, has become Keni’s signature tune.

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