Harlem World Crew

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MC Charlie Rock (Charles Leake)
MC Son of Sam (Sam Blocker)
DJ Randy (Randy Sanders)
DJ Kool D (Darryl Brown)
Dr. Jeckyll (Andre Harrell)
Mr. Hyde (Alonzo Brown)
DJ Ronnie Green (unofficial member)

The original members of the Harlem World Crew were Charlie Rock (Charles Leake), Son of Sam(Sam Blocker), DJ Randy (Randy Sanders), and DJ Kool D (Darryl Brown). Jeckyl & Hyde were members for the for the Tayster Record label, but not for the club harlem World. DJ Ronnie Green was never an official member of the HWC, but he was a very close friend of all of them.

Their first records include “Doin the Do”, “Rapper’s Convention” and “Love Rap” all recorded on Tayster in 1980.

The original members of HWC remain together until the club closed in 1985.

Check out “Rapper’s Convention”

Info submitted by FreddieFresh and Mr Ed and BBWSSH and Charlie Rock

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