Dr Jeckyll & Mr Hyde

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Dr. Jeckyll (Andre Harrell)
Mr. Hyde (Alonzo Brown)
Scratch on Galaxxy (George Llado)

The duo was first in a group called the Harlem World Crew and recorded on Tayster in 1980.

Mr. Hyde was the first to join Profile records in 1981 under the name Lonnie Love.  His first record was called “Young Ladies.”

Later that same year, his new partner joined him and together they made “Genius Rap” which used the famous Tom-tom club break “Genius of Love.”

The next single was “The Challenge” in 1982.

Galaxy was first down with the crew called Ultimate consisting of rappers Richochet, Jazzy T, Outlaw Jesse James, and The Kid Cold Crush.

Dr Jeckyll + Mr Hyde were under Rush Management and were known as the suit and tie rappers because of their designer suits, shirts and ties.

Their biggest singles were “Fast Life” b/w “AM:PM” (1984) and “Getting Money” (1983).

They put out one LP in 1985 called “Champagne of Rap” in 1985. A few singles were released from that album including “Transformation” which was produced by Davy DMX and “Yellow Panties”.

They split up in 1987, but Mr. Hyde decided to continue his career with Profile records.  He put out a solo 12″ called “The Witch” b/w “Hyde’s Beat”.

Andre Harrell on the other hand went on to start Uptown Records which went on to become one of the biggest R&B labels of all time and was one of the first labels to kick off the new jack swing craze in the late 80’s with bands like Guy, Heavy D + The Boys, Father MC, Finesse & Syquesse + Groove B.Chill.  He later went on to head Motown Records.

Alonzo Brown was the executive producer for the Judge Mathis show and is also a screenwriter. On script was shot in Canada and stars Mekiah Phieffer.

Check Out “Genius Rap”

Additional information by Mr Ed and Jesse James

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  1. Good Old school classic.

  2. that song was the best of the ol skool rap.

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