The Boogie Boys – Romeo Knight

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Romeo Knight Cover ArtLabel: Capitol
Year: 1988

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Song Listing

1. This Is Us
2. Kick It
3. Pit Bull
4. Body
5. Peep It
6. Romeo Knight
7. I’m Comin’
8. I’m A Lover
9. Home Girl
10. Pussi Cat
11. Allways On My Mind
12. Rise Up


Not great, but far better than “Survival of the freshest”. The beats are a bit harder and their style seems just a little bit rougher. This album still features several songs with harmonizing on them but this time it’s much more balanced with the emceeing. A perfect mix of these two elements can be heard on “I’m coming” which is the highlight of this album. Submitted by G.M.M.

Author: JohnG

Administrator of OldSchoolHipHop.Com

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