Cold Crush Brothers vs. Fantastic 5 – Live MC Battles From Harlem World 1981

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No Cover Art Available

Label: Slammin
Year: 1998

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Song Listing

1. Intro- Charlie Chase
2. Yes Y’all- Cold Crush Brothers
3. 1981, Other MC’s- Cold Crush Brothers
4. Taken on Stage- Cold Crush Brothers
5. And It’s Us, Charlie Chase Never Leaving the Base Alone/Tony Tone Never Leaving the Girls Alone, Hey’ Y’all- Cold Crush Brothers
6. Freestyling- Cold Crush Brothers
7. Cold Cold Crush- Cold Crush Brothers
8. The Fantastic 5 Intro
9. The Gusto is going Home with Me, Freestyling- The Fantastic 5
10. Charlie Chase Outtro


There are several interesting segments to this recording.  Most obviously it is a rare case of a battle CD that is in existence and available for purchase by anyone.  The Cold Crush/Fantastic 5 rivalry is one of hip hop’s greatest and having this recording is having a piece of hip hop history.  In this case, the battle takes place at Harlem World and the winning group receives…..$1000.

The sound quality is another interesting issue.  As on Live in ’82, Cold Crush’s other live recording, the sound quality is less than admirable.  This disc does have an exception.  Charlie Chase himself produced this release and has gone back and re-recorded the music and inserted the vocals over them.  I don’t know of many other releases anywhere that are quite like it.  It does take a bit to get used to and on occasion the music overpowers the vocals, but the overall effective is still good.

One unfortunate part of the recording is that Cold Crush dominates the time with Fantastic receiving only the last ten minutes or so of the 45 minute disc.

Of the tracks themselves, you will notice the sing songy choruses that were typical of the groups.  Cold Crush even announces that they are going into one of their patented dance routines.  The also plug an upcoming show with The Furious Five and Kurtis Blow.

Like many Old School recordings it’s full of samples.

There is plenty of call and response from both groups.  Another old school moment occurs when one of the mics goes out at the beginning of a song, so they just start it over.

Charlie Chase closes the disc by asking you to decide who won the battle.  The crowd was yelling awfully loud for Fantastic, but with only 2 tracks for it is hard to decide for yourself.

All in all, it is a classic recording of a classic hip hop moment.-JohnG

Author: JohnG

Administrator of OldSchoolHipHop.Com

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  1. why do everybody say that Fantastic 5 won the battle with Cold Crush Brothes?
    I don’t know something about that, please tell me=)

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