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Hailing from Hollis Queens, Spyder-D (Duane Hughes) took the Eddie Murphy Saturday Night Live Buckwheat skit to wax with his track “Buckwheat Beat.”  He raps on the track as both Buckwheat and as Spyder-D.

In the song, he refers to Sparky D, a female emcee who he had a hand in producing.

He was also under the management of Russell Simmons during the early 80’s where he recorded a track called “Rollerskating Rapper.”

In 1981, he released “Spinning Webs and Rapping Rhymes” and 12″ “Rap is Here to Stay” b/w “Big Apple Rappin” (later re-released on Profile in 1985).

In 1984 he released a 12″ on Profile called “Placin’ The Beat” which is a very early example of the posse cut.  It features Spyder -C, DJ Doc, DJ Divine and his girl Sparky D.

As a young upstart with entrepreneurial ambitions, Spyder formed Newtroit Records with college friend Tito Lewis.

In addition, he appears on a 1987 release, “The Heart Of Hollis”, a Profile 12″.

He also did a little known track dissing Kool Moe Dee who put a track of the same title as his “How Ya Like Me Now?” on B-Boy records in 1988 called “Try To Bite Me Now”.

Other Spyder tracks include “Smerphie’s Dance”, “My Whole Life Flashed Before My Eyes”, “B-Boys Don’t Fall In Love”, “I Can’t Wait To Rock The Mic”.

After a stint in Los Angeles on the first all rap station, KDAY, where Spyder frequently hosted for Curtis Harmon’s Dance Mix show, Spyder embarked upon an engineering career at the former “Home of the Hits”, Power Play Studios in NYC for much of the Nineties.

In 2000, Spyder released a new disc called “True Dat” (which featured a guest spot by Doug E Fresh).

He also purchased an ABA franchise in 2005.

Check out “Big Apple Rappin”

Additional information provided by EdRoberts and Spydomusic

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  1. Didn’t Spyder go into the Navy in 85?

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