Intensive Three MC’s

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Mr. T (K.L.M.C.)
Freakmaster Les
The King Cool Cee (aka King Chepell)
Larry Zappo

This group released “We are the Three MC’s”  in 1983.

They were part of a collective of Bronx and Harlem based rappers who hung out together and played many block parties and jams. The collective also included The Fresh 3 Mc’s, Pumpkin King of The Beats,  T La Rock, Pretty Rickey and Boo Ski (who recorded the remake for Select records 1984 “Its Mine”) and Rich Nice who later recorded for Motown Records. All of these rappers hung out together and grew up in the area of Claremont Park and 174ths street in the Bronx, and 138th street and Edgecombe Ave in Harlem.

Info provided by Original B Boy

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