Old School Feature – “on and on”: The Original Old School Rhyme Challenge

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The history of this is as follows:

In July of 2002, a member of the OldSchoolHipHop.Com message board by the name of EyeGetzRaw began a thread that was to the longest in the board’s history.  The challenge was simple.  One guy starts a rhyme using one line from an old school song.  The next person has to finish the rhyme from a different old school song.  No person (after the initial post) could post consecutive rhymes.  And of course the line has to be a legit line from an actual song.  Here is the result edited down to include the rhymes and the person who posted them.

We got something new, we got something new (Body Rock/Treacherous 3) – EyeGetzRaw 
And I came here tonight just to talk to you. (We Want To Rock/Crash Crew) – EyeGetzRaw

I feel like a millionaire in space (Funk You Up/Sequence) – EyeGetzRaw 
Inside the place with all the bass (Here We go (Live at the Funhouse)/Run DMC) – isaac

I luv takin ladies ta the waaaaterbed'(SoulClap(can i getta)/Fantastic Romantic 5) – Ronny Bronson
And you can treat me like a Buddah, and bow ya head! (Go See The Doctor / Kool Moe Dee) – Repo136

But anyway, no more delay (doug e fresh/the show) – G.M.M.
We’re gonna rock this muthaf*%ka like “Three The Hard Way”! (El Shabazz/LL Cool J) – EyeGetzRaw

I neva stumble on the stage but I’m dum on the mic (Word Of Mouth/King Kut) – isaac
so here’s anotherone for y’all to bite (run dmc/sucker mc’s) – G.M.M.

Two buffalo gals go round the outside, round the outside, round the outside (Malcolm McLaren / Buffalo Gals) – isaac
And I’ll take my laser & shoot you in the side.. (captain rock/cosmic glide) – G.M.M.

So to prove to you all we’re second to none (Superrappin/GMF&F5) – EyeGetzRaw
Cuz it’s the sound of the drum that’ll make you come (treacherous three/action) – eatin grits on my moped

I was born to be the king of the be-bop swing (MELLE MEL/STEP OFF) – geeiscool
I’ll say it in a rap cos i do not sing (King of rock/run dmc) – mr ed

Girlies are partyin touchin my body and (Kool Moe Dee/Do you know what time it is) – troylsmith21 
You love to hear the story, again and again (The Bridge / MC Shan ) – isaac

The fire came from the land and sea (melle mel/mc story) – freaky funky fly….frederick
And the whole universe knew the king was me (Step Off / Melle Mel) – Repo136

Give me a mic and a beat and I’ll be straight (Calling Her A Crab/UTFO) – EyeGetzRaw
I thought they wanted to conversate (Delancey Street / Dana Dane) – isaac

Dancing goes back a long long time (B-Boys Breakdance/high fidelity 3) – mr ed
You never let an MC steal your rhyme (Rapper’s Delight / Sugerhill Gang ) – isaac

And if you’re asking for a battle, we’ll start a war (Punk Rock Rap/Cold Crush Brothers) – EyeGetzRaw
The one, the only , the disco four (Here comes that beat/pumpkin and the allstars) – mr ed

The other MC’s cannot compete (Here We Go / RUN DMC) – isaac
Take it from me (fearless freestyle/fearless four) – raspy

United we stand, devided YOU fall (Melle Mel/King of the streets) – G.M.M
Got a high I.Q. and I like to play ball (Disco Dream/Mean Machine) – EyeGetzRaw

That story is over but my rhyme aint done (My Rhyme ain’t done/LL Cool J) – beth outta chile
(Get doooowwwnn) my uzi weighs a ton (Public Enemy / My Uzi Weighs A Ton) – Repo136

First you rock and roll and then you roll and rock (spoonie gee/spoonin rap) – No Mas
I came to put the whole place in shock (doug e fresh/D.E.F.) – muy equivocado estas

Close your eyes,open your mind (GRANDMASTER CHILLY T/STEVIE G-rock the message rap) – geeiscool
Cause you can’t turn back the hands of time ( beat the clock / jimmy spicer ) – G.M.M

The beat of the street is what you hear (fresh gordon + the choice mc’s – beat of the street) – mr ed
And then someone yelled out, “the king is here!!! (If I Ruled The World/Kurtis Blow) – EyeGetzRaw

I’m MC Craig G, Your newest entertainer (Transformer – Craig g + Marley Marl) – mr ed
And I’m also known as the beatbox trainer (The Show/Doug E. Fresh & The Get Fresh Crew) – EyeGetzRaw

But that’s not why I’m so unique (Fresh Gordon & Choice Mc’s – Brooklyn Style) – G.M.M.
He’s DJ Yella, a world class freak (world class freak/world class wreckin cru) – mr ed

Ya see, this Dee-Jaaaay, he gets down (The Adventures Of Super Rhymes/Jimmy Spicer) – EyeGetzRaw
Taking over your body pound by pound (rodney o/your chance to rock) – mr ed

When I get busy, the crowd get’s dizzy (Bad Mutha / Kool Moe Dee) – G.M.M
She kicked him out the room and said, “go get busy!” (Oh! Veronica/Glamour Girls) – EyeGetzRaw

You’re acting like a duck, i oughta slap you in the beak (sir mixalot/i wanna freak) – mr ed
There’s not a challenge in the world that i cant beat (CRASH CREW/WE ARE KNOWN AS EMCEES) – geeiscool

My daddy was a player, my grandpa too (superwolf can do it / superwolf) – G.M.M. 
Do the do!…uh do, do the do (Do The Do/Kurtis Blow) – EyeGetzRaw

You’re comparing mixalot to egyptian who? (sir mix a lot/in my studio) – mr ed
I just check out the city from a whole new view (FUTURA 2000/ESCAPADES OF FUTURA 2000) – geeiscool

Well the tempo is slow and it’s time to go” (I can’t wait to rock the mic / Spyder D) – G.M.M
Slow and low that is the tempo (slow and low/beastie boys) – mr ed

I don’t sell burgers or french fries (Personality Jock/Fatback Band feat. King Tim III) – EyeGetzRaw
But you’re allways tellin’ those lies (lies / spectrum city) – G.M.M

My name is cool-g,you can call me g-cool (DISCO FOUR/THROWDOWN) – geeiscool
I’s being seen in the street with a gardening tool (project ho/MC Shan) – mr ed

Since she’s the new girl around the block (Roxanne, Roxanne/UTFO) – EyeGetzRaw
And r is just for the way he rocks (Marley Marl Scratch/Marley Marl + MC Shan) – mr ed

C’Mon Davy D, let’s rock this place (One For The Treble/Davy DMX) – EyeGetzRaw
And he came here tonight to get on your case (RUN DMC / Here We Go) – isaac

I’m Cozmo-D, from outer space (Jam On It/Newcleus) – EyeGetzRaw
One for the treble, Two for the Bass (Whodini / 5 Min. of Funk ) – isaac

And Dr. Rock came here to cut up Tony Tone and Charlie Chase (FORCE M.C.’S VS COLD-CRUSH 4) – astephenson
We do it in the place with the highs and the bass (RUN DMC / Sucker MC’s) – isaac

I wanna be somebody,can you understand that (FEARLESS FOUR/PROBLEMS OF THE WORLD TODAY) – geeiscool
And ya can’t beat that with a baseball bat (Freedom/Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five) – EyeGetzRaw

To our students out there, the time has come (g-force/feel the force) – mr ed
The dope fiend brought back a spanking shotgun (Children’s Story / Slick Rick) – isaac

Beat by beat baby rhyme by rhyme (808 beats/unknown dj) – mr ed
I take 7 m.c.’s and put em in line (ERIC B & RAKIM/MY MELODY) – astephenson

In medical school i didnt learn about bodies (DR ICE/CALLING DR ICE) – geeiscool
I don’t think I’m bad, don’t box or know karate (8th Wonder/Sugarhill Gang) – EyeGetzRaw

Lodi Dodi, We like to Party (Slick Rick/Dougie Fresh/ ladi dadi) – Toenakka
Searchin’ for love in a fifth of Bacardi (I’ll Take Your Man/Salt N’Pepa) – EyeGetzRaw

I’m down by law and I know my way around (Melle Mel/New York, New York) – Repo136
You sucker MC you sad faced clown (sucker mcs/run dmc) – mr ed

The ladies in the place know we are lustin’ (hardcore hip hop / mantronix) – G.M.M
You’re looking at my dj thinking he’s disgustin’ (boy you’re too fat – divine sounds) – mr ed

But I’m not, I’m into rap (Leader Of The Pack/UTFO) – EyeGetzRaw
A boom a bap…a boom bap (Tla Rock + Jazzy Jay/It’s yours) – mr ed

Here we are waiting for you (2-4-6-8 / crash crew) – G.M.M
The ghostbusters are back and all brand new (spirit/doug e fresh) – mr ed

Now way back then when I first started out (COUNT COOLOUT/TOUCH THE ROCK) – geeiscool
I know a few understand what I’m talkin’ about (Criminal Minded/Boogie Down Productions) – EyeGetzRaw

What is a dj if he can’t scratch? (What is a DJ if he can’t scratch/egyptian lover) – mr ed
You’ve met your match (step off / melle mel & F5) – G.M.M

To this here story, there is no end (Beat Biter/MC Shan) – EyeGetzRaw
Here she comes again (love blind / t la rock) – G.M.M

So its my duty to give her what she came here for (I’m a ho/whodini) – winston
So I put on Adidas, Headed out the door (Jail house Rap / Fat Boys) – isaac

Seven days a week, he’s on call (surgery / world class wreckin cru) – mr ed
They’re playing basketball (kurtis blow/basketball) – desmond

The train was late and you hardly ate plus you wished you stayed in bed (COLD CRUSH BROTHERS/ARE YOU READY) – geeiscool
You’ll scream when I tell you what homegirl said (Project Ho / MC Shan ) – isaac

From the day i came out my mother’s womb (adventures of super rhymes / jimmy spicer) – G.M.M
Who needs a band when the beat just goes ka-boom (IT’S NASTY/FLASH&FURIOUS FIVE M.C.’S) – astephenson

Hoooo…she was wit it…had a freak, we could tell (Faye/Stetsasonic) – EyeGetzRaw
Who’s coming on the mic, yo, it’s Cli-N-Tel (World Class / World Class Wreckin Cru) – mr ed

Now I know that all of ya’ll heard of a cow (Country Rock & Rap/Disco Four) – EyeGetzRaw
He’s guarented to throw down (rapper’s delight / sugarhill gang) – G.M.M

From coast to coast and land to land (busy bee’s groove/busy bee) – mr ed
The M is for the MAN (bassline / mantronix) – G.M.M

The roach, the roach, the roach is on the wall (roach is on the wall/uncle jamm’s army and the california catt crew) – mr ed
Ya all can’t ball, ya all can’t ball (Basketball Throwdown/Wild Style OST) – Repo136

These beats are mine and the computer is my friend (rodney o + egyptian lover/these beats are mine) – mr ed
Like the AFTCA I had to take the dog in (NiGHTmares / Dana Dane) – isaac

No he didn’t drink blad, not this vampyre (jimmy spicer/super rhymes) – mr ed
Sucker mcs should call me sire (RUN DMC/KING OF ROCK) – geeiscool

Disco ritchie’s what i’m called (divine sounds/do or die bed stuy) – mr ed
I’m just writin my name in graffiti on the wall (Eric B. & Rakim/My Melody) – isaac

So get up out ya seat forget about your cares (SPYDER D/SMERPHIES DANCE) – geeiscool
But now I’m in jail doin life and I’m scared (The Moment I feared / Slick Rick) – isaac

Hip hop be bop, yeah shobedoo (Rammellzee V K Rob/Beat Bop) – Repo136
I just check out the scene from a whole new view (Escapades of futura 2000 – futura 2000) – mr ed

If you can rap, also dress fresh (Dana Dane / Cinderfella DanaDane) – isaac
Homeboys, don’t fess (shaquan/don’t fess) – mr ed

Shouldn’t have done it, but you did it (Cheatin’ Girl/Steady B.) – EyeGetzRaw
And that’s what you git for trying to be widdit (frick-n-frack/you shouldn’t have done it) – mr ed

I don’t want a lot, I want just enough (Tough/Kurtis Blow) – G.M.M
But I wanna hear some of his funky stuff (Rapper’s Reprise (Jam Jam)/Sugarhill Gang Meets Sequence) – EyeGetzRaw

Times are are tough and u know i need u so (arabian prince + the sheiks/it aint tough) – mr ed

6 minutes, 6 minutes, doug e fresh and no show (no show / the symbolic three) – G.M.M

With your fancy clothes and your photogenic pose (GRANDMASTER FLASH/FURIOUS 5-SUPERRAPpiN) – geeiscool
We were too busy diggin’ up our nose (pickin’ boogers / biz markie) – G.M.M

You say you’re being true blue (the buck stops here/fantasy 3) – mr ed
I found myself in the operating room (adventures of super rhymes / jimmy spicer) – G.M.M

Back by force by the peoples demand (TRICKY TEE-I’VE GOT IT GOOD) – geeiscool
You lost again — I won, g**-damn (EPMD/It’s My Thing) – isaac

On a scale of intelligence I’d score a ten (t-la rock/breaking bells) – mr ed
To make you wiggle and jiggle, like gelatin (EPMD/Strictly Business) – isaac

Cause it’s happened before, the same way (Bang Zoom(Let’s Go-Go)/The Real Roxanne feat. Howie Tee) – EyeGetzRaw
I don’t play (I don’t play / busy bee) – G.M.M

You dont need no invitation (FLASH & F5/BIRTHDAY PARTY) – geeiscool
So you can see the way Spoonie Gee rocks the nation (Spoonie Gee / Spoonin Rap) – isaac

It’s the beat! word and that’s for sure (hollis crew/it’s the beat) – mr ed
And the bond, which combines, y’all turn into a blur (A Teenage Love / Slick Rick) – isaac

So young ladies don’t front on me now (Breakin Bells / Crash Crew) – G.M.M
Well, I’m Keith Cowboy and you’re my cow (The Furious Five / Step Off) – isaac

Ho Ho Ho, open up your door (X-mas rap / Treacherous 3) – G.M.M
After you hear this u won’t hear me know more (roxanne shante/bite this) – mr ed

Let’s go to the go go (Go Go Pop/Afrika Bambaataa) – G.M.M
A musical flow that makes you say ho (Fresh Fly Wild & Bold / Cold Crush Brothers) – isaac

Busy bee is may name and that’s a fact (Marvelous 3/rapping all over) – mr ed
And they’ll say that he was high on crack (Busy Bee / Runnin’ Thangs) – isaac

I’ll make your brain see snow or even hell (KingKut / Word Of Mouth) – isaac
Battle anybody I don’t care who you tell (ROCK THE BELLS / LL COOL J) – DJGLI67

You don’t dance to my ego, you dance to my beat (ego trip / kurtis blow) – mr ed
Wear a shirt & tie and run with the creeps (the message/grandmaster flash) – G.M.M

Say hocus pocus and we shall appear (it’s magic / fearless 4) – mr ed
And that’s about the time when Sushi came near (Delancy Street / Dane Dane) – isaac

He said: Jumbos I got it good (Dumb Dick / Kool Moe dee) – G.M.M
I get it – I got it, I know it’s good (The New Style / Beastie Boys) – isaac

The idea is to let you know (Futura 2000 / “Escapades of….) – Repo136
That we never ever have to worry ’bout no snow” (The Cabbage Patch / World Class Wreckin’ Cru) – isaac

I used to be a kid who like to steal (GET TOUGH/CDIII) – DJGLI67
it’s Sir Mix-a-Lot Ray on the wheels of Steel (Square Dance rap / Sir Mix-a-Lot) – mr ed

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