Jimmy Spicer

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A figure in the early days of recorded hip hop, Jimmy Spicer released “Adventures of Super Rhymes” in 1979 on Dazz Records.

It is a thirteen minutes song that features extremely visual and imaginative storytelling.  Thus, he was a precursor to more well known storytellers coming later like Slick Rick and Dana Dane.

He also recorded a song called “Money (Dollar Bill Ya’ll)” which is also a funky track and worth a listen.  It was released in 1983 on Spring Records.

He also recorded a song called “The Bubble Bunch” for Mercury released in 1982.

He was briefly signed to Def Jam recording a single entitled “Beat the Clock” b/w “This Is It”.  It was produced by Def Jam co-founder Rick Rubin.

He appeared on the television show “20/20” around 1985 rapping about Keith Haring the artist.

His last known record was a dance hall record with Beenie Man  around 97 or 98.

He has three daughters, Angelina, Leticia, and Janel Spicer.

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Check out “Super Rhymes”

Info submitted by Chris, MarkSkillz, Ed Roberts, and his daughters!

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