Dot A Rock Passes Away

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Darryl Mason, aka Dot a Rock of the Fantastic Romantic 5, passed away this week.

The group was instrumental in the early development of hip hop as DJ’s added MC crews to help rock the party.  The group appeared alongside their counterparts the Cold Crush Brothers to fill out the roster of performers in the seminal film Wild Style.

It seems like lately I’ve been posting too many of these notices…

Here are some tweets about the news from around the hip hop community.

Author: JohnG

Administrator of OldSchoolHipHop.Com

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  1. this is about i know i didn’t hear my teacher on hip hop dot a rock passing away that one of my worst news.i remember him from high school theodore roosevelt he got me listening to hip hop.damm this is to sad, but i got make up by collecting all his hip hop i can my name is john jefferson 646-559-5717

  2. hate to hear this. RIP MC Dot-A Rock!!

  3. Damn…..Pioneer R.I.P.

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