Fresh Gordon

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Fresh Gordon began his career as a deejay.

Fresh Gordon’s first vinyl appearance was on “Brooklyn Style” by The Choice MC’s on Rocky Records early in 1985.

He recorded a few singles in the mid 80’s including “Feelin’ James” and “Gordy’s Groove” (originally a b-side on a Choice MC’s track called “Beat of the Street) which was a decent song that references The Andy Griffith Show as part of its hook. On the b-side was “I Believe In Music” which features the MC The Jaz who is still known today.

Other Fresh Gordon 12″s are “Fresh Commandments” and “My Filas” in 1986 on Tommy Boy. “My Filas” was an answer record to Run DMC’s “My Adidas”.

He actually has an pretty good voice, but his career never really took off.

He produced Shelton D’s 12″ “Shelton D is Outstanding/We Can Do This” on Zakia 1988.  DJ Clark Kent was the DJ on this track.

He later went on to work with other artists including the Fat Boys, The Choice MC’s (of which he was a member), MC Chill, and King Tre.

Gordy never aspired to be a rapper. “Gordy’s Groove” was was a last minute record that he and JP Edmund wrote recorded and mixed in about 12 hours to make the deadline for a B-Side. Gordy’s forte was production.  Many of the Brooklyn rappers knew Gordy as we had one of the original pre production joints going.

Gordy was also responsible for Salt N Pepa’s biggest hit “Push It” which was recorded at Gordy’s studio (which he was credited for) but did not receive production credits.

His last known activity was some production duty on Father MC’s first album Father’s Day in 1990 on Uptown records alongside Puff Daddy.

Check out a remix of “Gordy’s Groove”

Additional Information provided by Ed Roberts, Kieran M., JP Morgan (his manager)

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