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Like his one time partner DJ Hollywood, there is little information around about this influential early hip hop legend.

Growing up in the Bronx during the late 60’s and early 70’s, Kevin Smith worked with several local deejays in the area.

In 1978, he became the house DJ at the Disco Fever (featured in the film Beat Street).  He also deejayed at Harlem World, home to many famous MC battles of the time.

Some say he coined the term “hip hop” while more popular belief is it was DJ Hollywood.

Early recordings of Starski are scarce.  During the 80’s he recorded a single called “Positive Life” before going on to work extensively on the soundtrack to the film Rappin’.  He eventually did record a full length album called  “House Rocker”.

Also “You Gotta Believe” b/w “Live at The Fever Disco” on Fever Records 1983 produced by Larry Smith & Kurtis Blow.

“Do the Right Thing” b/w “Live at The Fever Part 2” was released on fever records in 1984.

He also hit bit with the 1986 hit “Amityville-House On The Hill”.

Also made a recent comeback with Tha Veteranz which reunited him with DJ Hollywood and Butchie B.

Check out a 2008 performance from Lovebug

Additional info by Ed Roberts

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