Live Old School Hip Hop Recordings

More Live Old School Hip Hop Recordings

121- Kurtis Blow – The Apollo 1985 (Note: This show starts off with D.J.A.J. battling Davy DMX it only last for about 5 min. DMX cuts a lil faster then A.J. who is known as “A.J. Scratch” now. But then Grand Master Flash comes up and after his set, he says “they are two very good D.J.’s but know one is faster then Grand Master Flash”. Then Kurtis Blow goes into his records Christmas Rap, the Breaks and others. Timmy Tee of Hollis Queens comes and does the human beat box for Kuris Blow as he sings daydreaming.
Side B- Africa Bambaataa and the Soul sonic Force at the Fun House in 1984. (Note: Jelly Bean maybe the host. Bam is on the beat box and the crowd is amp cause the Soul Sonic Force are about to do there record Planet Rock.)60min.
122- Grand Wizard Theodore and Master Rob Birthday party. Ecstasy garage 1980 (Note: The Cold Crush 4, Rodney Cee and Keith Keith perform for Rob and Theodore and Fantastic do there thing. Frank Nitti and China get shout outs. Also Mean Gene is on the One’s and two’s for a minute.)60min.
123- Kevie Kev and Ruby Dee Birthday party. 1980 Ecstasy garage (Note: Cold Crush 4 and Busy Bee participate in the party. Dota- Rock cousin Presweet is in the house. Dot does his rhyme about an Amazon. J.D.L. is singing along to heart break hotel by Michael Jackson.)90min.
124- 3 party’s on this tape. Side A- Boat ride. I finally found it! Cold Crush 4 and Treacherous 3 are going to Bear Mountain. 1982 (Note: This is were Caz does both rhymes of him dissing a heckler. Caz also does a rhyme about a pickpocketter. Caz also say’s some chick was from the “ity bitty titty committee”. L.A. Sunshine does a rhyme about a fat lady. L.A. also talks about the Moe Dee Busy Bee battle.)There’s hissing. 2nd show on side A is Busy Bee at Harlem world. (Note: This is the ending to the Treacherous 3 first anniversary. Busy is rocking off of “Heart beat”.) There’s hissing. Side B Force M.C.s at Valley Stream 1983 (Note: It sounds like a battle but they never say who they are going against. The Lord K-Whan is rockin with Stevie Dee and Mercury. Dr. Rock displays his speed on the turntables. K-Whan does a rhyme about Ronald Reagan. They do the Underdog routine off of Mary Mary. They let anyone from the crowd come up to do the electric boogie.)60min.
125- Busy Bee, Boogie Boys, D.J. Spivey, D.J. A.J., T-Connection 1981 (Note: Busy Bee and Sha-Rock birthday. Spivey of the Magnificent 7 is cutting real good. One of records he is cutting is Cat Stevens “Dog a Donut”. A.J. only comes on for a minute. Boogie Boys and Busy Bee are having a lot of fun rockin together. Sha Rock never comes on. Busy Bee does a rhyme were he names all the Solo m.c.s (such as Spoonie, Hollywood and anybody else from that time) and says “But there’s none like me”. In the beginning of the show someone in the crowd continued to flash a flash light in Bee’s face. Irritating him).60min.
126- side A, L- Brothers: Busy Bee, Kevie Kev, Master Rob (also called Robbie Rob) Theodore, Mean Gene, Claudio. 1978(Note: Echo is being used. Show starts out with Groove to get down. Later on Trans Europe Express is played all the way out. Side B, Notorious 2, D.J. Dr. Pepper and m.c. D.J. Whitehead. Outside jam 1979 (Note: This is a block party on crescent ave. Caz says he wants to kiss the ground because he remembers back when some one wanted to try and stab him right on that block. He also makes reference to Big Bank Hank and says the rhymes that he gave Hank.) 90min.
127- side A, Cosmic Force Jazzy Jay, Mr. Biggs and Hutch Hutch 1980 (Note: They just sounded like they were having a good time.)  Side B, Bug Out and Ice Ice birthday. Zulu Nation jam. T- Connection 1980. (Note: starts out with Bam playing Flash beat box plate and the m.c.s doing mic checks.) 90min.
128- D.J. Stevie Steve, Lil Rodney Cee and Lil Shot Gun. 1977 unknown location (Note: Rodney Cee is with his first D.J. Stevie Steve, before Rodney got down with Funky 4+1more. Many records are being played that I never heard. But one I recognized and have been looking for is the Smokin cheeba cheeba by Harlem Underground by the brother George Benson. As well as the Sing sing sing by Incredible Bongo Band.) 60min.
129- Side A, Fearless Four. Harlem World 1982 (Note: This is the Treacherous 3 second Anniversary. The Fearless come on before Cold Crush and Treacherous 3. You can connect this with tape number 6. Fearless do routines and there record It’s Magic. D.L.B has a nice solo when says a rhyme about him Moe and L.A. growing up where they live at playing the 52 punches game. The Disco 4 is in the house.) 90min. Side B, Grand Master Caz birthday party. 1983 unknown location. (Note: Party starts off to Billie Jean. Also play sucker m.c.s, Beat it and Candy girl among other records. They announce there record the Heartbreakers is about to be released. Kid Kreole announces that he is supposed to battle Busy Bee. Joey Kane photographer of the Cold Crush is announced. Cold Shocking 5 perform.) 90min.
130- Zulu Nation 16th Anniversary. 1990 BronxRiver. (Note: This show is connected to tape 84. Pow Wow, Mele Mel (Mel really puts his Mack down) Queen mother Rage, Y.Sell and Daddy Rich, Lord Finesse, Yam Boo, m.c. Philosopher and Mecca perform among others) 90min.
131- Disco 4, Fearless 4, Master Don and the Def Committee, Spoonie Gee, m.c. Maniac, m.c. Playboy. 1982 Manhattan Ville center. (Note: Wiz Kid is now the d.j. for Funky 4+1 more. Disco 4 free styles. Mr. Troy does his cutting up frogs rhyme. K.G. speaks on rumor that the Cold Crush is not breaking up. D.L.B. talks about how Rockin it is no.1 on W.B.L.S radio station. Master Don is rocking records and the Beatbox.) 90min.
132- Grand Master Flash, Disco Bee, Busy Bee, Mele Mel and E- Man.(Note: Check tape 57. This is the 2nd part to the Live Convention tape. This E-Man is from the Bronx! Not from the Magnificent 7 but his style is like E-Man and Rayvon from Magnificent 7 of Manhattan. E-Man sings off of “Funk you right up”. Mele Mel’s Fiancé is in the house.
133- side-A Dota- Rock Birthday party. Fantastic 5, Jazzy 5. This is more of tape 66. (Note: It’s Sandwich birthday also. Dot does his like routine.) Side b Kevie Kev and Rubie Dee birthday party Ecstasy Garage 1980(Note: The rest of tape 123. Busy Bee and the Cold Crush rock J.D.L. mentions the wine is getting him high. Busy Bee comments that they have a slide show for the birthday boys.)90min.
134- Side-A Treacherous 3 and Spoonie G in Connecticut. (Note: This is a outside jam. L.A. Sunshine is not in attendance this night. Disco Kid and m.c. Divine of Infinity Machine perform as well as Lady Love d.j.’s. Spoonie free styles as well as perform one of his records. Side B another outside jam. It is summer youth core check day. The crowd just doesn’t know how to act on check day. Jazzy 5 are trying to do a free show. It’s Master Bee birthday. Ez Trick is wildin out. Another show comes on with the Incredible 4 and Cosmic Force. Also Lightning Lance puts his mack down. 60min.
135- M.C. Battle, Harlem World 1982. (Note: This is like some amateur m.c. battle with a few ringers. The crew Phase 3 from Queens, m.c. Don Juan d.j. Cut Master. Another m.c. that was real good but I never heard his name. His voice sounded like he was from Europe and his routine was real good in fact he should have won the contest. Towards the end of his routine he sounded like Howard Cousell and Rona Barret. Cool A.J. Rapper Wise, Ultimate 3 m.c.s, d.j. Disco Quick. Sweet Slick and Sly, and his m.c.s using a synthesizer.) 60min.
136- Dr. Jeckle Mr. Hyde, Funky 4+1. T- Connection.(Note: Ronnie Green is the D.J. for Jeckle and Hyde. Some one makes an announcement “if you got the dust come up front”.)
137- All Zulu throw down. MonroeHigh School. (Note: The Usual Suspects; Mr. Big, Pow Wow, Hutch Hutch, Lisa Lee make up Soul Sonic Force. Jazzy Jay and Sundance. Dynamite Brothers are Ikea Cee and Ice Ice who sounds very young as they do a routine using the alphabet.  Also Rocky Dee and Chubby Chub. The Echo is used. Pow Wow does a rhyme about Pierre and Timmy Tim going to jail and getting the electric chair.) Side B Whiz Kid, Globe, Pow Wow and Mr. Biggs. T- Connection 1981 (Note:Zulu have an electric boogie contest (Which was called bionic boogie contest at that time.) $50 to the winner.)90min.
138- Devastating 3 m.c.s with Kid West, Magic Dee and Barry Bee. Sounds like 1983 House tape (Note: They do a routine with the lean on me theme, also Lavern and Shirley theme. Rock records like juicy fruit, I like it, and between sheets. Side B. Dougie Fresh, Barry Bee, Chuck a Luck, Sweet Slick and Sly and the Tranquilizing 3 who do a Lavern and Shirley routine. 90min.
139- Super Sonic 4 M.C.s consist of Ricky Dee, Vicious Cee, Dwayne Dee, Ice Ice and Lil Sha Rock.  D.J. Cisco and Cool Clyde Ecstasy garage Dec. 26 1980 (Note: Ice Ice putting his mack down. Vicious does a rhyme about biting no more.)60min.
140- D.J. A.J. Birthday. Fantastic 5 Johnny Wa and Rayvon and Busy Bee. Esctacy Garage. 1980  m.c.s 60min.
141- Flash and The Furious 5, HelsinkiFinland, 1986. Flash opens up with Wheels of steel. Larry Love is introduced to the Finland crowd as the newest member of the crew. The people in Finland really love them. 60min.
142- M.C. Convention, T- Connection, Feb 6, 1981. Fantastic 5, Pow Wow and Globe. Cold Crush 4, Cosmic Force, A.J. and Busy Bee. Side B Jazzy 5 with Wanda Dee. (Note everybody does short sets, it sounds like a competition, but their was no winner declared. Note: somebody told Globe jokingly to get off the stage after he finished his rhyme.) 60min.
143- Master Don and the Def Committee, RuckerPark 155th st. 8th avenue, 1983. Tito and Mike Cee of the Fearless 4 came in the park and rocked with the Committee. (Note: This was a battle with a crew called the Romantic 5 m.c.s. There part is not on the tape. Everybody rocked. 90min.
144- Marauder’s Fury, Sweet, Slick and Sly, Tito and Doug E. Fresh Marauder’s Fury is group that Gangster Gee made up after he left Master Don and the Def Committee. Side b- Tito and Doug are rocking with Sweet Slick and Sly at what sounds like a House tape. 60min.
145- L-Brothers. Kevie Kev, Master Rob, Busy Bee and Theodore. (Note: Kev says the way Theodore is back spinning it sounded better than a beat box, he told the crowd it was the new beat box. Kev says if it wasn’t so cold we would tear the roof off the place. The spank dance was out at this time. Theodore played a lot of records that I had not heard before. 60min.
146- Grand Master Flash and the Furious Five, Edeamore center. 1980. Starts off with Flash playing Funky Drummer, Mardi Gras and Johnny the Fox. Cowboy tells the m.c.s to raise there mics. Mr. Ness does a nice rhyme about growing up in the Bronx. Mel tells the people from the Bleachers to look at what Flash was doing on the turntables. Flash, Easy Mike, and Disco Bee, all cutting Bounce Rock Skate together. I don’t know if Mel slipped but he called Creole by his original name Benny Ben. The crowd was really in it at times. 60min.
147- Larry Levan, Garage. 1980. D.J. Larry Levan is putting in work, with a lot of disco and R&B music. He also uses sound effects. I have let other people hear this tape and they really like it. 90min.
148- The Original, Funky 4. T- Connection. 1978. Sha Rock, Keith Keith, K.K. Rockwell and Rahiem. D.J.s Breakout and Baron. (Note: This is during the time when Rahiem was a member of the Funky Four. Unfortunately they are not doing any routines. 60min.
149- Side A- Cold Crush at S.O.B.s. 1993. side B- Zulu Nation 14th Anniversary. Cold Crush (Note: Money Ray steps in for J.D.L. The time is between Christmas and New Years. Caz says you can only make the telephone once, the Cold Crush are the Alexander Graham Bells of m.c.s. Caz also says that Just Ice was the first gangster rapper, Easy E and West coast came later. The Cold Crush do a few totally new routines, one is called “One Nigger, two nigger, three nigger, four.” Side B. Zulu Anniversary. (Note:Ikey Cee, Mele Mel, Kid Dust, Jungle Brothers, Doug E. Fresh and Barry Bee. Barry and Doug battle each other in a very good show. Barry Bee kills it cutting Funky Drummer. Absolutely kills it, it is a must hear. Jungle Brothers also rock, and they some funny brothers.) 90min.
150- The Original Funk 4. 1978. This is the Original Funky 4. The tape is not of good quality, but this is a hell of good find. All those years I always wondered why they were so revered, now I know why. I am still in search for a 3 m.c.s tape aka the Furious 3, to see who was the best at that time. The reason why I say that is, the Funky 4 with Rahiem is unbelievable. The L- Brothers just past the mic around on all the tapes I heard of them so far, The Original Funky 4 put on a hell of a show. They are doing the Crazy Eddie routine, Plop plop, fizz fizz routine and others, and Rahiem is singing. They also are rocking records like Paradise and others. 78min.
151- Doug E Fresh and Barry Bee, Devastating 3, Tantalizing 3. Note: It is two different shows. Doug rocks his High Bridge rhyme. Doug and Barry go head up. Doug does beat box. Tantalizing 3 does a Mary Tyler Moore routine. Chuck a Luck has a real nice style. His partners are Al Bal and Doug Sexxx. Rasta is rocking too. Devastating 3 kill it on the other side. 90min.
152- Zulu Nation. T- Connection, 1981. Note: D.J. Red Alert, Pow Wow, Mr. Big, Randy Ran, Easy G, Tony Tee does a rhyme about Boys and Girls. Master Ice is singing to the record “Watching you.” 90min.
153- Fantastic Freaks, Cold Crush 4. Note: Their is no year for Fantastic Freaks I assume it is 1983. Dota Rock is called Ice Man. Another is called Heartbreak Kid, and another is called Celebrity Freak. They do a couple of new routines one is about Elmira Prison. The second part of side a is another part of Kevie Kev and Ruby Dee’s birthday. Side B is Valentines day at the Estacy Garage and the Cold Crush are rocking. 60min.
154- Fantastic 5, Rayvon, Zulu Nation jazzy 5. Note: Fantastic 5 at Celebrity Club 1980 Easter Sunday. They are only rocking with two mics. Kev says in his rhyme “I don’t play the game of the Rappers Delight because originality is what I like.” Rayvon is rocking with D.J. Spivey. Side b Zulu is up in Mount Vernon. Jazzy Jay is on the turntables. Pow Wow and the crew is joking with the crowd having a good time, even stating they will throw money into the crowd, Pow Wow said he had a hundred pennies for them. Later Jazzy 5 rock the crowd. 90min.
155- Hollywood, Dougie Fresh and Eric B and Rakim. Note: Hollywood rocking in 1986. doing his “Well” routine and “Poo Tang” routine. His man Capital L gets on the mic. Hollywood also d.j.s and mixes a whole lot of records. Unknown location. Side b. Doug E. Fresh, Rakim and Eric B are rocking at the Roof Top in 1987 and it is Doug’s Birthday. L.L. Cool J and others are at his party. 90min.
156- Kool Moe Dee, Dana Dane and Heavy Dee at the Roof Top 1987. Note: Heavy Dee is on last, he must have been the hottest at the time. Moe freestyles before he goes into his “Go see the Dr.” Dana Dane sounds real good even though he forgets some of his record. Heavy Dee puts on a good show also. Host of the show is very disrespectful. 60min.

157- Treacherous 3 with D.J. Darrell Cee. Note: The Treacherous 3 kill it for twenty minutes. I don’t know where they are at, but there is no routines none of their albums just freestyle, and they are killing it. The other 10 minutes that is left is the rest of the Kevie Kev, Rubie Dee party, at the Ecstasy Garage. Busy Bee, A.J., J.D.L. do their thing. Side B- Force M.C.s at Broadway International. Note: The Force m.c.s sing a melody from one of the Earth, Wind, and Fire songs. As well as do their famous routines. Stevie Dee is snapping on people again in the crowd. He might have pissed some body off because he is apologizing on this one. Dr. Shock is playing for the first time at Broadway International. B. Fats is cutting later on and doing his thing along with Ronnie Dee

158- Zulu Affair. T.C. Islam, AG, Roc Raider, Ikey Cee, Messengers of Funk, Dougie Fresh, Fat Joe Ron Gee. 1993. Note: Arthur X is the host. Ikey Cee is doing a Butter Parkay routine. Fat Joe having technical problems Doug Fresh and Ron Gee rock the beat box. The crowd really loves Doug. 90min.
159- D.J. Hollywood, Starski and D.J. Smalls. Club 371. 1979. Note: Hollywood is rocking and he has his chorus of brothers rocking with him and they are called The Corporation. Their names are Captain Jack, Spanish Mack, L.T.D., June Bug Disco Romeo and Junior. D.J. Smalls lets the crowd know that he is the son of Hollywood. From Hollywood I heard some rhymes that Busy Bee used later in 1981. Hollywood has a lot of rhymes, his choicer of records and rhythm is very good. The last ten minutes of side two has Sweet Gee on the mic and June Bug is the d.j. at the Hotel Diplomat, on Easter Sunday 1981. Sweet Gee’s Heart Beat record is out at this time. His performance blew my mind because he was doing Rayvon’s rhymes of Johnny Wa and Rayvon. He killed it. he was very clear and he had his own rhymes but I couldn’t believe that he would use so much of Rayvon’s rhymes. 90min.
160- Kurtis Blow, Jeckle and Hyde, Star Ski, Playgirls, Whodini. 1984. Note: this is at a space in Queens and it is Supreme and Corley’s birthday party. The crowd went crazy when Kurtis Blow did “A.J. scratch.” Star Ski did “At the Fever” Dana Dane and U.T.F.O. get on the mic for a minute as Red Alert spins. Fat Cat and Russell Simmons are in the house. 90min.
161-L.L. Cool J, Deuces Wild, Funk Master Flex, Omar Chandler, Justice Ice South side Queens. Note: This is Chuck Chill out birthday party. Bizmark is on the side lines asking to get on next. B.E.T.s Rap City is in the house. Cool Chip, Dr. Ice, M.C. Delight and Dana Dane is in the house. Ralph McDaniel’s is also in the house and he gets on the mic for a little while. L. L. is very sexual in his lyrics as he freestyles and does a couple of his records. Chandler sings his Joy and Pain, and other songs. Side B. Justice does Latoya the uncut version. Also does “Put that record back, The girl is a slut”. DMX does his part. Hank Love is in the house. Two emcee’s name Spank G and Dot Rock, with dancers name Prince God and Kool Raheim. The do a routine called “Do that S—.” 90min.
162- Whodini, Jeckle and Hyde, Galaxy, Oran Juice Jones, Playgirls, Lady Blue, D.J. Divine and the Infinity Machine. Encore Club. Note: Kango Kid and Dr. Ice get on with Whodini for a minute. They rock Friends, 5 Minutes of Funk, and Haunted Mansion. The Playgirls with Sparky Dee, Moe Ski and City Slime do their record but kill with their live routine. Oran Juice Jones is mostly a host. Jeckle and Hyde do their a.m. p.m. the crowd really digs them. Then they do Pumpkins All Stars by them selves. 90min.
163- Fantastic Freaks, Busy Bee, Cly and Tell Brothers, Super Lover emcees. Hempstead Long Island. 1982. Note: Herbie Luv bug, Playboy Prince Charm, Romeo the American Gigelo and D.j. quick Silver make up the Super Lovers emcee’s. They rock off of Dog the Donut. Cly and Tell Brothers do a little borrowing from J.D.L. and Speacial K. D.J. Divine helps Theodore with some tech problems that Kevie Kev didn’t know about. Whipper Whip is not there. Ruby Dee rhymes in Spanish. A lot of Jamaica and South side Queens is in the house. 90min.
164 – Sweet G Birthday party. Rat Ski, D.J. Kevin Kanyeah, Emcee SPUD. Note: Rat Ski is of the infamous Rat and Monkey of Queens. 90min.
165- Flash and The Furious 5, Infinity Machine. Note: The Furious 5 is at the Hotel Diplomat. Once again the Furious are passing the mic around but the sound dam good doing it. it is a Sunday night. they are using Infinity Machines equipment. It is a Christmas night. towards the end emcee Disco kid and D.j. Divine get on. Side B. Infinity Machine is in Connecticut. Emcee SPUD does routine off of F- Troop and the Jefferson’s. Emcee Sir Rap, Freaky Tee, Jazzy J get on. James “Jimmy Beat Box rocks the beat box.” Smurph dance was out at the time. 90min.
166- Hot 97 show, The Furious 5. 1993 (Note: This show is dedicated to the late great Cowboy. They do a routine off the theme from the Intruders “Cowboys to Girls”. Kid Kreole says in the routine Throw your hands up, Put your money down. Everybody lay flat on the ground. Mark the 45 King is on the decks. They do some records and freestyle.)
167- Hot 97 show, Fun Master Flex show featuring Flash and The Furious 5. 1993 90min. (Note: a lot of free styling. They do the Message and Super Rappin to Funky Drummer.)
168- Star Child at the Love Nest Club after hours spot. (Note: It is a strong debate who went first with the invention of the mix tape, but Star Child is definitely a King down with the other two Kings, Brucie Bee and Kid Capri, as he rocks R and B with Hip Hop.)90min.
169- Kid Capri R&B Classic. (Note: This is the Kid Capri Classic that many people in Harlem were rocking for years. It seemed like he broke ten year records all over again. He also seemed to put a new shine on the Jackson Five records as well. A true Kid Capri Classic.
170- Kid Capri. (Note: Kid Capri rocks Hip Hop in 1986 at the Roof Top.)90min.
171- Kid Capri. (Note: Kid Capri rocks Hip Hop in 1986 at the Roof Top.)90min
172- World Famous Brucie Bee Rand B. (Note: Brucie Bee opens up with the cool echo voice by saying he is rocking on the Cool Out Side tonight. 1986)90min.
173- D.J. Hollywood at 371 Club. 1979 (Note: HollyWood kills it by him self.)60min.
174- D.J. Hollywood and Reggie Wells at Club 371. 1982. (note: Starts off with Hollywood talking about sex. Reggie Wells is Captain Jack is in the house. Hollywood gets on to d.j. Sexual Healing was the hottest record at that time. It’s Star Childs birthday. Hollywood does the “Well” routine. Prince Lover A.C. rocks the mic.)60min.
175- Eddie Cheba at MartinLutherKingCenter. July 13, 1983. (Note: Eddie Cheba is rocking with Easy G and his Cheba Crew. This is the after the boat ride party. He often refers to the people in t he party as the C and C people, meaning the Cocaine and Champagne people. The popular dance at the time was the Patty Duke and Jack Benny.) 90min.
176-  D.J. Whiz Kid House tape. 1981. (Note: this is a house tape strickly rocking in 1981. Whiz Kid is showing why he use to cut for Kool Herc, and why he was beating a lot of the known d.j.s of that time.) 90min.
177- Afrik Islam, Jazzy Jay, Red Alert, Cosmic Force, Soul Sonic Force, Kid Vicious. Maybe 79 or 1980. (Note: unbelievable piece of work. The D.j.s are stealing the show with the records they play. There isn’t any routines just them passing the mic around but the d.j.s are playing records like the Telephone jam with out the ring. Others I never heard, and then there are records I haven’t heard since 1982. A real good listen. They want to know if there is anybody in the house with Cheba, to come up front.)
178- Cosmic Force, Sha- Rock and Lisa Lee, L- Brothers. (Note: side A this is the Zulu 6th anniversary. Lisa Lee takes charge of the group and starts singing before they go into there routine. Ikey Cee being the captain wasn’t happy with the situation, but he fell right in line. The second part of this side a had Lisa Lee and Sha- Rock passing the mic back and forth. Side B has the L- Brothers rocking with out Kevie Kev. Master Rob and Busy Bee do there thing. Busy gives props to the L- Sisters. Theodore is going off again.) 60min.
179- Funky 4 + 1 more. (Note: Sha- Rocks birthday. Funky does a routine off of Happy Days Theme song Barron is doing his thing on the turntables.) 60min.
180- ImperialJayCee, Grand Wizzard Theodore and the Fantastic 5. T- Connection.1980 (Note: this is part two of tape 65. Bam and Kool Herc’s Birthday party. Fantastic passing the mic around. This is the day view of the Imperial Jay Cee. A D.J. for Kool Herc and the Herculords. He was behind Herc, Clark Kent and Black Jack. He is today looked at as the best d.j. of that time.) 60min.
181-ImerialJayCee,Theodore,Fantastic5,TouchofClass.T-Connection1980(Note: Theodore goes berserk. Imperial JayCee is for Touch of Class disco……)60min.
182- L.L. Cool Jay, Cut Creator, Sparky Dee, Red Alert, Run DMC at Roxy’s 1985. (Sparky Dee is very insulting to Roxanne who is in the house. Sparky does a routine to the Millie Jackson song called the F— you Symphony. L. L. Cool J goes berserk free styling. RunDmc do King of Rock. Jimmy Spicer, Flash, Whodini, Force M.D.s, L. A. Sunshine, Mr. Magic, Spider Dee and Brooklyn is in the house.) 60min.