Pop Art Records Hip Hop Classic ‘World Premiere’ Volume 1 – Various Artists

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No Cover Art

Label: Pop Art Records
Year: 1995

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Song Listing

1.Roxanne Shante’ – Roxanne Revenge
2.M.C. Shan – The Bridge
3.Craig G. – Shout Rap
4.Roxanne Shante’ – Bite This
5.M.C. Shan – Beat Biter
6.Roxanne Shante’ & Biz – Def Fresh Crew
7.Marley Marl – DJ Cuttin
8.Salt N’ Pepa – The Showstoppa
9.Roxanne Shante’ – Queen Of Rox
10.Roxanne Shante’ – Runaway


This collection features mostly Juice Crew recordings with the addition of the early Salt n Pepa track. – JohnG

For any true old schooler in hip hop. this collection of joints from back in the day is the ultimate banger to have. With M.C. Shan starting his feud with LL.Cool J. on “Beat Biter” to the daring “Roxanne’s Revenge with marley marl instigating things on the cut. The album brings back so many good memories of how hip hop used to be where the rhymes actually meant something and the fame took a back seat in the game. Unfortunately, the craft of hip hop has gone corporate and the true integrity is now lost. I will always be the true old schooler paying my respects for as long as i shall live. Independent labels such as pop art and cold chillin will always be remembered by me. If you can, please preserve the bangers here in your old school collection. Submitted by Jazzy T aka Tyvian Corry

Author: JohnG

Administrator of OldSchoolHipHop.Com

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