Run DMC – Raising Hell

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Run DMC Raising Hell CoverLabel: Profile
Year: 1986

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Song Listing

1. Peter Piper
2. It’s Tricky
3. My Adidas
4. Walk this Way (w/ Aerosmith)
5. Is it Live
6. Perfection
7. Hit it Run
8. Raising Hell
9. You Be Illin’
10. Dumb Girl
11. Son of Byford
12. Proud to Be Black


Kings from Queens, from Queens comes kings. That sums up this album. This album is still better than 95% of hip hop out today. Songs like Peter Piper, My Adidas, Walk This Way and It’s Tricky should of been heard by most hip hop fans, but songs such as Perfection, Raising Hell, You Be Illin’, Dumb Girl and my favorite HIT IT RUN were DMC handles the mic duties on his own ,and str8 rips it, while RUN does the beat box between verses. this their best album PERIOD!!! Any true hip hop fan must have the greatest album by the GREATEST hip hop group EVER in their collection. By Mike Mayo

At first I didn’t get a lot, but after listening to it I became a RUN-DMC fan . A big respect to all the old school rappers who teach us the art of rapping. by zerk44

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