Throughout the Years of Hip Hop Vol 1: Graffiti

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Throughout the Years of Hip Hop Vol 1: Graffiti

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Company: Rap Entertainment
Year: 2001


Documentary style film that is supposedly the first of a four part series covering each of the four elements of hip hop.  This version interviews several graffiti writers, including Seen and Vulcan, that started the modern era of writing.

It also features seven full length hip hop videos, the most interesting of which is “We Are Known As Emcees” by the Crash Crew.


The main documentary section is really only about 30 minutes long with the videos filling up the other hour.  The production values aren’t as high as some of the other newer films like “The Freshest Kids” and “Scratch”.  The interviews are interesting, but oddly the first nearly 10 minutes is a set up to try and put graffiti in perspective by giving us a run down of what was going on in America with civil rights and black power movements.  It even goes through toys of the period.  I could have done with less of that and more interviews with the writers themselves. – JohnG

Author: JohnG

Administrator of OldSchoolHipHop.Com

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  1. what? is the name of the only unicycle rap musical group in the world,and what? is the name of that song,when was it released.

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