Freddy B and the Mighty Mic Masters

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Freddy B
Captain GeeWiz (Andrew Risper)
EZ-L-Double E

Hailing from Brooklyn, NY, Freddy B and the Mighty Mic Masters were a mainstay on Aaron Fuchs’ Tuff City Label.

Ahead of there time in the respect that were one of the first crews to abandon drum machines for drum loops and samples.  They never came out with an album but there output was regular.

Records of note include “The Main Event”, “Freddy’s Back”, “We’re Back Y’all”, “It’s the hip hop” and “Coolin on the Ave”.

There lead rapper Captain GeeWiz also had a solo record on Tuff City in1988.  He is currently working on a solo project and is need of a label.  Here’s what he had to say about it.  “Let me assure all those who followed our music that like fine wine, I’ve only gotten better with age.”

Info by Ed Roberts and mssparkles2001 and GeeWiz

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