Newcleus – Jam on Revenge

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Jam on Revenge NewcleusLabel: Sunnyview
Year: 1984

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Song Listing

1. Computer Age (Push The Button) (Intro by Kenny Webb)
2. Auto-Man
3. I’m Not A Robot
4. Destination Earth (1999)

1. Jam On Revenge (Re-Mix)
2. Jam On It
3. Where’s The Beat
4. No More Running


This album is responsible for my absolute obsession, with old school breakbeats.  I had the cassette when I was 14 years old (unfortunately I had it in my old boombox, which I was literally mugged for).  I have searched high and low for either a cassette or cd for literally 20 years now, and have been told that it hasn’t been on the market for about that long. Why would such an awesome recording be off the market?  Newcleus you are No. 1 in my book!!  Everyone’s gotta hear this album! I love you Newcleus!! Sincerely, Jenny Garcia a.k.a. DJ ANIMATION

Author: JohnG

Administrator of OldSchoolHipHop.Com

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