Knights of the Turntables

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Lil Roc-n-G (Gerard Burton)
MC C-Breeze (Curtis Harvey)

Gerard Burton was orginally from Carson, Ca. and Curtis Harvey was from San Pedro, Ca. by way of Rochester NY. Curtis moved San Pedro in the early 80’s.

They kicked off in 1984 on JDC records with the oft-sampled “Techno Scratch” which sampled Woody Woodpecker’s laugh.

In 1985 they surpassed themselves with the double AA side “We are The  Knights” their only vocal track and a dub version entitled “The Knights Go to the Moon with Dog, Cat, Mouse and Woodpecker” (Honest!) and the template for house music the electro-hybrid “Jam Your Radio (Fresh mess)”.

They also competed with a rival group called the Majestic Crew.

One member of the group went on to release another record called “Three People Naked Below the Waist” under the name Tyrants in Therapy.  They were a “new wave” style group which featured lots of abstract scratching while the group sang/chanted.  Apparently this member was the only one who continued to show up on record after the Knights two singles because he later released a mix-plate type record with him cutting up some of the records he used on “Techno Scratch.”

Check out Video of the Knights from 1986

Info submitted by Ed Roberts and T and dj rawtho and Steve Mix-Master “C” Contreras

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