Kool Moe Dee – How Ya Like Me Now

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How Ya Like Me Now CoverLabel: Jive
Year: 1987

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Song Listing

1. How Ya Like Me Now
2. Wild Wild West
3. Way Way Back
4. 50 Ways
5. No Respect
6. Don’t Dance
7. I’m a Player
8. Suckers
9. Stupid
10. Rock You
11. Get Paid


There isn’t much to say about this album.  I’m a fan of The Treacherous Three so I was looking for more.  The cover made me buy it: Kool in a white jacket, pants and hat standing in front of a white jeep, sunglasses and gold.  I was a little disappointed because you feel the influence of the west coast on this album. Still there is good flow and good lyrics but there’s something missing. Submitted by romain

I can’t understand how some people can diss this record. Aside from the obvious hits (“How Ya Like Me Now” and “The Wild Wild West”), there are some extremely deep, yet overlooked tracks. “Way Way Back” is jumpin’ dedication to KMD’s roots with the Treach 3. “50 Ways”, “No Respect” and especially “Suckers” all carry that swampy, grimey East Coast feel that’s so hard to reproduce with today’s equipment. Lastly, “Get Paid” was the summer anthem way back in ’87. There’s a few filler songs, but most old school records had marginal in-between efforts. This was one of my favorite albums in High School and I totally wore out the vinyl. Submitted by Patrick R. Walz

Author: JohnG

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