Kool Moe Dee – Greatest Hits

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Kool Moe Dee Greatest CoverLabel: Jive
Year: 1993

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Song Listing

1. Wild Wild West
2. Go See The Doctor
3. God Made Me Funke
4. I Go to Work
5. Whosgotdaflava
6. Let’s Go
7. Death Blow
8. Can U Feel It
9. How Ya Like Me Now
10. Do You Know What Time It Is
11. They Want Money
12. Gimme My Props
13. Rise N’ Shine
14. No Respect
15. Look At Me Now


This collection of songs is part greatest hits and part new material.

The hits portion is just that.  Some absolute classics that, while most don’t occur during the old school period, make you realize why Moe Dee was so highly regarded in rap’s beginning.

The tracks are not in any order, which is unfortunate for those not familiar with his work.

The newer tracks are not anything to get all excited about, but the older material is amazing.  “Wild Wild West” and “Go See the Doctor” should be at least recognizable songs to most hip hop heads.  My favorite moment on this disc is the inclusion of “Let’s Go.”  This song opened many eyes to Moe Dee’s talent and this coupled with “How Ya Like Me Now” thrust him into the limelight again for those who either forgot or were two young to remember The Treacherous Three.

He digs into his roots with “I Go To Work” which is very reminiscent of “The New Rap Language and other fast talking rhymes from his earlier days.

Although I don’t know if this is common, my copy of the disc lists “Rise N Shine” but it does not appear on the disc.  Whether that is an error in only some discs or an oversight that appears on all copies is unknown.

With the exception of the inclusion of some uninteresting newer material, this is a good collection to pick up. –  JohnG

Author: JohnG

Administrator of OldSchoolHipHop.Com

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