Sugarhill Gang – The Best of the Sugarhill Gang: Rapper’s Delight

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Sugarhill Gang Best of Cover ArtLabel: Rhino
Year: 1996

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Song Listing

1. Rapper’s Delight
2. Hot Hot Summer Day
3. 8th Wonder
4. Showdown- w/ The Furious Five
5. Apache
6. The Lover in You
7. The Word is Out
8. Kick it Live from 9 to 5
9. Livin in the Fast Lane
10. Girls
11. Work, Work, The Body- w/ Kory-O


This greatest hits cd includes all the essentials to move the crowd. Of course it includes the over 2 million copy seller “Rappers Delight” that “made rap a household word”.  It also includes dance hits such as “8th Wonder” , their version of “Apache”, and their battle against the Furious 5, “Showdown”.

If you ask me, every song on this collection is a sure shot hit to play at a fly party. There are just a few things that bother me about the Sugarhill Gang.  The group is kind of like the boy band of hip hop music. They were randomly chosen off the streets to become a rap group and they don’t seem to have hip hop coming from their hearts like groups such as the Cold Crush Brothers, the Furious Five, etc. have. But that is just how I feel. I still think most of these recordings are essentials though.  Submitted by Will C

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